Slavic Mythology: Perun | Перун

A Journey Through Slavic Culture

This post is the beginning of a series of articles on various aspects of Slavic mythology that I hope to publish on a near-weekly basis. As this article is the beginning of something new, I believe I should begin with the greatest figure in the Slavic pantheon, Perun.

Often compared to Thor of the Norse mythological world, Perun was considered the highest of all gods and was one of Svarog’s three sons. Perun was seen to be the creator and master of rain, lightning, and thunder (and anything that had to do with hurricanes and storms), Perun’s name is even based off the old Indo-European root “parg” meaning ‘to strike’, much like lightning would. In fact, the Polish word for ‘thunderbolt’ is Piorun. He possessed the ability to shoot lightning strikes from a bow as well as create storms to aid farmworkers.

As well as being associated with weather, he…

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2 thoughts on “Slavic Mythology: Perun | Перун

  1. 1)Be careful researching this subject b\c exist a lot of misinformation, various fanatics, various west and spes.serv. backed and funded untranationalist groups and sects etc.
    I meant be aware of the same thing as with agressive Is_la_m (s@l@fi, w@hh@bi etc), various pseudo-christian sects and so on – be aware of any western and their dogs(Sa_udi Ar_ab_ia, Tu_rkey, Q_u_at_ar, I_sr_ael etc) “foot\finger-prints” in any faith or religion.

    2)Also you should know that all these issues are not always so simple as they explained esp. in english sources. So-called God pantheon is not something plain and simple like acnient Roman or ancient Greek ones.
    It is rather more like Hinduism one. Various Gods are rather incarnation\personification\manifestation of very various nature phenomenas and its parts of the One God who embody the world around in most broad sence of possible. It is even hard to say or he created it or the world is just a part of he.
    Probably such methaphorical personification style of the teaching was chosen in ancient times from narrative purposes.

    3)And also you shoud note that so-called slavic mythology is not the only one in Russia. And that slavic mythology in general is not completely homogeneous. Russian Vedic beliefs are very closely connected to Indian Vedic Aryan culture. It is very interesting subject.
    You can see this even in such things as tradional embroidery, for example:

    The same time Russian Aryan Vedic beliefs and traditions are also connected to Turkic Тengriism and Shamanism.
    The world-view and values are pretty much the same among them.

    There is also some kind of connection to Buddhism. And there is no ny surprise about that b\c Buddhism itself is connected to Indian Aryan Vedic culture.

    All these is b\c coexisting and interacting of all these cultures in Russia together for thousands years. Ancient TaRtaria was kind of ancient “soviet union” – ORDA – huge union of tribes and clans.

    Generally is is very huge and to complex subject to disscuss in comments. 🙂

    p.s. Moreover today if you look even ,for example, to russian orthodox christian churches you might see something like this:


  2. This is interesting. I even thought of him being like Thor when I saw the title, “Russian God Of Thunder” (or something to that effect. Might not be correctly worded.)

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