So what follows “Thunder” ?


Perun – The God of Thunder

The Thunder God is often known as the chief or king of the gods in Indo-European cultures.  In the Russian culture Perun is the highest god of the pantheon. He is the god of thunder and lightning. He was first associated with weapons made of stone and later with those of metal.  I’d say that the mightiest part of thunder is the pen. With its might stroke it can change everything.


Encouraging Thunder

It is said that Perun was a rugged man with a copper beard. His chariot was pulled by a goat buck and carried a mighty axe, or sometimes a hammer. The axe was hurled at evil people, once thrown it would always return to his hand. Today instead of hurling an axe or maybe that was a sickle I’d like to offer an act of plowshare. Anyways I don’t sport a copper beard, for now just a blog. A blog that was created to share what life is like in Russia. It’ been an incredible journey of discovery. Russia’s borders extend far and wide which has given me much to write about. In all this time of research and writing I’ve met and made some very interesting acquaintances. Some of them have been very supportive and encouraging along the way. It is those who I’d like to thank and extend this award “Encouraging Thunder” because without it there would be no enlightening (to which I have been greatly).


So who created “Encouraging Thunder”?

It was Raymond, founder, was bestowed upon a thunder medallion by the great nature so he cold create a powerful spell Encouraging Thunder to grant powerful protection to other bloggers. It’s a special spell that only bloggers who has true purpose in their life can master it.

The rules for bloggers who receive this award

What you can do with the award.

Post it on your blog
Grant other bloggers with the award

What you can’t do with the award.

Abuse or misuse the logo
Claim that it’s your own handmade logo

What you should do after receiving award:

Enjoy the award
At least give thanks via comments and likes and/

or mentioning the blog who gave the award.

In my case it came from “The 51 Club” Thank you, Chris White.

(Please don’t feel obliged to either accept the award or nominate other blogs.)

Mention your purpose in blogging.


Those who have encouraged me greatly.

 My Nominations 

Barbarian Writer 


The Linden Chronicles


First Night Design



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