Kola Peninsula – A Fisherman’s Dream Come True

kola peninsula-1
Kola Peninsula – Autumn by Dimbas

Kola Peninsula in Autumn

To the far north of Russia there is a place called the “Kola Peninsula. It’s rugged, it’s wild, and it’s astoundingly beautiful. It is here on the rocky shores of the peninsula that the movie “Leviathan”, a Russian drama film directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film

kola peninsula-2
Photo by: Andrey Grachev

The Vast Wilderness of Kola Peninsula 

It is here where the Sami reindeer herders still roam the vast wilderness living a life of nomads. It is here where the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, was established in 1932 to protect the population of Common Eider, it is organized in thirteen clusters located in the Kandalaksha Gulf of the Kola Peninsula and along the coasts of the Barents Sea. Here is a fisherman’s paradise.

kola peninsula-5
Photo by: Mikhail Grizli

 A Fisherman’s Paradise

Amongst all this beauty lies several rivers,  Ponoy, the Varzuga, theUmba, the Teriberka, the Voronya, and the Yokanga.  Most of the rivers on the Kola Peninsula are small but fast-moving with many rapids. It is here were some of the best fishing in all of Russia occurs. It is within these waters Twenty-nine species of fresh water fish can be found within the territory of peninsula, including trout, stickleback, northern pike, and European perch. The rivers are an important habitat for the Atlantic salmon, which return from Greenland and the Faroe Islands to spawn in fresh water. As a result of this, a recreational fishery has been developed, with a number of remote lodges and camps available to host sport-fishermen.


Best Fishing in Russia – Litza River

So were do you find the best fishing in Russia? It’s here on the Litza river which has been proclaimed as simply being the best salmon river in the world. The river is characterized by it’s massive boulders, gorgeous pools, and fast running rapids. The river itself is a challenging one, which may provide the reason for the extraordinary size and power of the Litza Salmon.

With just 9km of Salmon water between the impassable Litza Falls and the sea – these are not your typical gravel-bottomed spawning grounds. It is theorized that the big broad tails, typical of Litza Salmon, holds the genetic recipe to their success, being a prerequisite to gouge out a spawning bed amidst the stones. Whatever the reason may be, the average size of Litza Salmon is without question. See more here.

A few facts about the Litza Salmon:

  • Largest 3 Litza salmon – 42, 38, 37 pounds
  • There were 49 salmon landed over 30 pounds (Kharlovka and Litza rivers) in one season
  • 20.3% of the salmon were over 20+ pounds
  • Largest 3 salmon in the last 10 years 47.5, 47, 46 pounds.

kola peninsula-8

The Umba River

Umba is one of the largest deep rivers of the Kola Peninsula, which lies in a pool of tectonic fractures in on the south side of the Kola Peninsula. Source of the river Umba comes from the south-western extremity of Umbozero located between the Khibiny and Lovozero tundra. The river flows from north to south and empties into the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea . The river runs the length of 123 km.
This beautiful full-flowing river flows all year long and never freezes over. The rapids on this river are very powerful with Sёmga (red fish like salmon) coming almost throughout the entire year. The majority of fish that are being pulled out weigh from 3 to 6 kg. Fishing season  on Umba runs from May to October. The larger salmon  run from late August which weigh from 5 to 10 kg and above. Besides catching salmon in the river – trout, grayling, whitefish, and pike. In odd years starting at the end of June to the end of July a large number of pink salmon come to spawn on the river. See more here.


The Varzuga River

Varzuga – a river in the south of the Kola Peninsula. Proceeds from the central part of the peninsula to the south. It flows into the White Sea. Length – 254 km, the basin area – 9840 square kilometers. In the middle and lower reaches Varzuga porozhista.Berёt start in a swampy area of ​​the central part of the Kola Peninsula, at an altitude of 189 meters above sea level. In the upper reaches it is called the Little Varzuga. Small Varzuga passes through Lake Varzuga has inflow and Vargovy Varzim, after which the river is called the Big Varzuga. At an altitude of about 146 meters the river passes 1.5 km from the other major river Strelna. The largest is called the threshold Padun and has three waterfalls. The river snow, spring floods raised water levels to 2-2.5 m. The rivers flow into the river Varzuga Pan heel Kochkoma Voenga, Krivets, Yap, Melga, Serga, Kica and others. On the river, more than three dozen rapids among They Revuy, Yuziya, Small Retun, embed the room, boiler room, Tyuverenga, Yapomsky, Arengsky, Sechetinsky, Oraliha, Bear, Serezhny, Studentsov, Porokushka, Canine, Koyturgov, Kletnoe and Marine. In the lower reaches, near the mouth of the river there are several islands, the largest of them, and Wichai Kuryi Sigovets. Most of the river lies within the Arctic Circle. Fishing on the river Varzuga interesting from the end of May and the first half of summer. It is very popular among rybakov.Lovitsya successful small and medium salmon weighing from 2 to 6 kg.

The Pana River

The Pana river the largest tributary of the Varzuga river which originates in the central part of the Kola Peninsula, south of Umbozero and Lovozero. The river empties into the river Pan indels. This is a very beautiful  river which is very remote from civilization, this shallow river flows by magnificently wooded shores. Fishing on the Pana river is probably the most interesting during the first half of the summer, most of the salmon are weighing in at 2 to 6 kg.

kola peninsula-14

Private Fishing Tours

Thus ends the first edition of Fishing the wilderness of Russia. If you liked this post and are an avid fisherman contact me through my a “About Me” page. I have made arranged with a Russian Sports Fisherman here to do tours for private individuals and small groups at incredible prices.

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18 thoughts on “Kola Peninsula – A Fisherman’s Dream Come True

  1. Three of my sons would give anything for a few days (make that months) fishing on the Kola Penninsula. It seems that fishermens’ tales are not tall stories up there. 🙂

  2. If i’m not mistaken ,Kola Peninsula, have a special status in military matter.
    For foreigners ,probably, it would be possible to have tours only in exact well specified places.
    Even russian expeditions in that region sometimes have a lot of prepearing paperwork.

  3. Congrats ppl of Europe, US and Uk!

    Soon you may expect toughening of Russian Visa rules, including such such cool bonus as dactylography (taking fingerprits of all 10 finders). Symetric response to new europenian rules.

    I applaud to that esp. for americans and brits, b\c they are taking fingerprints already for a long time without any responce from other world.

    “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”.

    I personaly will not go to Shengen zone anymore without serious need b\c i do not trust my fingerprints to some doubtful services of some pretty questionable states for no real reason.

    Russian tourism in Europe (one of the most profiable for Europenians) is already seriously reduced during last year.
    Now it will fall even more.

  4. Generally it is very bad that b\c of “free and enlightened” west some signs of biometry will apear in Russia.
    Even considering the fact that it will be mainly used against foreigners from Europe, US and UK it is still a bad trend and potential threat to real freedom.

    We as opposed to westerners historicaly do not trust our government – let alone foreign ones. And b\c of this we do not like any trends to potential new technocratic enslavement.

    The same time i read ,for example, “Sweden is almost free from cash money ” -yeah great!
    Soon they will need only some RFID biometric chip with their fingerprints and eye iris instaled in their asses and linked with threir bank account. After that progressive ass mod they will finaly become “COMLETELY FREE and democratic”.
    LOL 😀

    Anyone who will not want to be “free and democratic” in western way in Europe, Us, UK etc will be remotely sanctioned and as result their new free electronic progressive technocratic asses will be blocked and become useless in “The System” as well as ass owners in general.

    In future in “free and democratics” europenian system human without ass will be not human. Ehe-he-he ))

    1. Well, did you get all out of your ass-system – lol – stupid Westerners – enslavement comes when you let go of your cash. Been watching this happen for some time. What it tells me is that their system is almost broke and the only way to continue to fool the people is to go to a cashless society, that way nobody will ever know they are really broke.

      1. Yup.
        I would say that casheless society is just the final stage of the enslavement of this society. After which the principal distinction between exact country \ society and ,for example, poultry factory became minimal from the owner’s point of view.

        And biometry tehc implementation is a first stage in such process – the first potential threat.
        One may consider if the world have become more safe after biometry tehc implementation? Or certain coutries (US\UK as main pioneers of biometrics)? – Sure No. Look at the history of the last 20-25 years. Rather quite the contrary.
        Why? – b\c there is NO any direct connection between safety in society and biometric technologies.

        Then normal adequate man should ask himsefl for what real purposes the biometrics is pushed to implementation all around the world? – The answer is obvious…unfortunately.

        Between the first stage (biometrics impl.) and the last one (cash money ban) the infrastructure for the cashless society should be builded. Time distance between these two stages is mainly determinated by this factor.
        After what the system will be suddenly slammed for surprise of all naive bastards 😛

        Another part of all this issue is that most ppl (nearly 90%) are too stupid to understand the tredns in whole picture.
        Most of them think that if they have no chip instaled in their ass – they are safe. They focused on the wrong thing- on chip . but not on a general methodology.

        Technically all described could be realised without chips.
        For example, if a smartphone or other device will have some biometrical data storage then together with the physical owner it becoming ID device with the owner as bio verification (fingerprints , iris etc). And if in such case this smartphone is linked to main bank \cards\etc account of the owner and could used as payment device – then you get the system identical but its functions to chipped society.
        Moreover at early stage such system (with smartphones or other separate devices) is more preferable over chip-based ones, b\c:

        1)except pesonal data, ID and verif. moments, info about incomes and full detailed info about spendings(to the level of chips and condoms lol), ID trackings, its provides such nice things as communication supervision(voice, text), persons contacts tracking, geolocation in realtime with GPS data in each moment of time, web activity monitoring and so on.

        2)Ppl are not forced to have chips – so they don’t worry (usually are stupid enough for that), they found new casheless systems very useful etc, but the same time “directors” get the same or even more functional as compared to chips systems.
        All are satisfied! Or rhater ones are really satisfied and the others only think so(but that is their trouble afterall, right? lol) 😉

      2. Going back to Sweden in discussion, have found and interesting funy movie about some other well known aspects trends of future Europenian and particulary Sweden culture.

        Just only don’t know how to react : laugh or cry?

      3. Steeve it was just necessary to post this video in regard of previous:

        “Feminists vs Nationalists | Stockholm Train Station “RAMPAGE” LIE”

        Damn… i have to admit that i laughting so hard to Europe and esp. to Sweden. I’M ASHAME OF such behaviour, but i will not lie – i laughted…laughed hard to all that feminist crap and its results in Sweden.
        And those loud whines and blames about awful “imaginery” leftist and marxist in europenian governments ssupposed to be guilty about their society decline make me laught hysterical.

        Well, i lived in USSR and i know what is true leftism. And we never had any kind of such crap and mess in all regards in society in USSR as they have in Europe and esp. in Sweden.
        And now another part of chromosome excessive part of society in Europe is appealing to radical right ideology (father of faschism and nazism)…and all that in condtions of some ,lets say, historical memory and experience

        Sotimes i think the world is turned into “idioto vulgaris”-biobank…

        Gosh, i’m shame..i’m very shame , but i can’t stop laughing at all this europenian theatre of absurd with mentaly disable casting. Sorry…. Pls. forgive my bad manners.

      4. I somehow feel sad the same time. I have a strange feeling that someone is manipulating Europe … pretty successfully manipulating with all those rapugees.. i mean refugees … to awake in Europe (particulary in Germany) something like neo-nazi ideology and provoke the civil unrest\conflicts or even civil war in perspective. 😕

        Imho i find only this explanation as a ground one to why 99% of those rape.. refugess are trying to reach exactly Germany and any other country in such amounts. 😕

  5. And all desribed above it is without detailed analysis of the current level of “freedom” in “democratic and independent” Europe.

    Cmon… If the Minister of Defence of the most powerful country in EU (Germany) is a gynaecologist , then you don’t even need to consider anything else.
    LOL 😛

    1. Without any doubt it’s sure she looking in the right place. There’s no money anywhere else, da? Oh, and what better defense then a ………… men have been fighting this off for years. We can all see how it’s working. ))))

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