Who’s Trying to Change Russia?

The Soul of the East

For much of the West in the middle of the 19th century, the idea of Russia and how to approach its people diplomatically was a matter of differentiating them as Europeans or Asians. The prevailing view at the time was a belief that Russians belonged to the latter group, and could not be considered part of Europe. The absolute role of the Russian Monarchy was an increasingly alien concept to the people of the West, a generation that was no stranger to popular upheavals and calls for political reform. Marx created the concepts of the “asiatic mode of production” and “oriental despotism” with reference to the Russian Empire, believing that their path to communistic development was different than the industrialized nations of the Atlantic. Still, the intellectual body of these same nations was divided, some believing that the people of Russia were indeed Europeans, but comparatively primitive to the rest of the continent and…

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8 thoughts on “Who’s Trying to Change Russia?

  1. Wow! Thx for that, Steeve!
    Masterpiece article.
    However still a bit of political correctness and “word softing” can be strongly felt.
    But that article is for western auditory mainly afterall, so such soft style and some unsharpness can be forgiven. 😉

    1. Or you did not read completely the article or did not understand it.
      It contains nothing about races at all. The subject disscussed there is about cultures or even civilizations.
      Moreover it’s about how one culture acted during many centuries to other and why.

      Read the comment section here:

      Particularly my answers with pictures of 18th and 19th centuries to Anne Egros.
      There you can find some little pieces of info that can help you undestand about what is the article above.

    2. Additionaly want to say that so-called the conception of “Europenians” and all others(Blacks, Asians, Jews etc) or rather the conception of pan-europenianISM is produced by europenians. It is historical evolution of ideology-less and groundless fail of pan-british or pan anglo-saxonic theory.
      When they realised that are not able to push it any further then decided to aquire some “allies” by expanding the determination of “elite ppl” to some other white europenian nations.
      After collapse of British Empire (after WWII) that became even more obvious.
      internal elites of pan-europeniasm are considered to be WASP according to apologists and pushers of pan-europeniasm

      Russia never was in any various race theories – it is western invent.
      It is just naturally can NOT be there, b\c it from VERY ancient times (even B.C.) was multirace, multiethnic and multireligious and it is still and will remain so. And today even aryan russians (slavic r1a) do not want to consider themselfs as europenians in many cases.

      For example this is all Russia and russians [and this is only very small part 🙂 ] :

      1. Y r wellcome 🙂

        Visited your blog…
        Here is some bonuses for you. Enjoy:

        Interesting Korean covers and tributes to russian legend Victor Tsoy:

        There are a lot of interesting things in russian “music segment” exist but i just have no time to find links to all of them 🙂

      2. Cool (in all senses 😛 ) and Funny
        Taylor Swift – Shake it off PARODY / ZLOI MAMBET – YНКYYЛЭЭ БYППЭKKЭ / ЗЛOЙ МAMБEТ

        And bonuses as usual 🙂 :

        tbc 😉

        Steeve, why don’t you wanna make some “russian music” folder?
        I already posted so many nice or\and interesting music in various topics.
        You readers probably would love to listen them and to find easely in case if they will want to listen again. lol
        Why not to put them alltogether somewhere?

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