Why I Went & Stayed Overseas

Wow, I couldn’t have said it any better. I suspect this is a reason many expats live outside the U.S., isn’t it amazing how much we see once we’ve escaped the rat race?


15 thoughts on “Why I Went & Stayed Overseas

      1. I’ve only been to North Africa and it is a dream. However, at the moment it is a bit of a nightmare.

      2. It’s interesting where have you been in North Africa? Libiya, Tunis, Algeria?
        Personally never have been in Africa.
        It is interesting, but accroding to reports i have red it’s far from safe and far from friendly.
        Well, from position of western observers. I didn’t read yet russian experience there.
        However i suppose anyone would be able to teach there ,for example, safely almost everywhere begining from Algeria and ending by SWA, SEA(except Somali probably) and SA by its own.
        But you barely will be really free there b\c ob absence of complete safety.
        Imho even South Africa is not completely safe place, however probably the safest one today.
        Addiotinally exist such thing as specific bacterial diseases, many various endemic parasitosises there etc.

        Dunno… it for sure might be very interesting to visit Africa, but to work or live i probably would prefer Asia. Been there and had no any troubles at all.
        Rather opposite – all ppl were very nice, interesting\unusual, always wanting to help or make some cross cultural exchange etc.
        Esp. in Viet when they know that y r from former ussr, in Cam_b_odia when they know y r russian, India also was extreemely friendly. 🙂

  1. Though..maybe it’s just my rumours based narrow-mindedness. 😛
    Pls tell us more about your African experience – it is interesting. 🙂

      1. Well, it looks like that the author is also haven’t been in Africa, b\c such description “camels in the road, colorful motor rickshaws, aromas, smiling faces & interesting architecture” (esp. colorful motor rickshaws) not very suits Africa, rather India or some Asia.
        As i undestood she is only going to go to Africa….

        And indeed, in India y can be completely free as in many other Asian countries (not in all for sure). According to my experience in India y can survive and travel literally without money at all. =)
        Also in India and some other Asian countries ppl are very sincere and geniune: if they really like you (what is most often) and want to help or communicate – you know it for sure and if they don’t(what is very rare) – you also know it for sure. That direct and sincere attitude very suits me with my russian metnality. 🙂
        About Africa ,again as i red, situation is different. From shared rumours as i understood the ppl treat you there is not always represents how do they really feel or consider you. Many have some hiding agenda and often materialistic (in one or another way) motivation behind words.
        But again I have never been there and all these are romours, based manily on westerners reports. And who saind that those reporters can’t be just unlucky or some nasty asses by their own? )))
        So i don’t make any firm conclusiond before i will not check that by my own.

      2. What you are describing is one of the reason I’ll never return to the States. I wish it wasn’t true but Multi-Level Marketing schemes have ruined the meaning of friendships in America. They always seem to have a hidden agenda, so you have to be very careful who you make friends with. It has changed so much, it’s so saddening. The worst part of it is that they don’t see it. They become very offended if you bring it up. As far as Africa is concerned I’d say it probably because of Western influence that some of this has occurred, but I could be wrong. No, I don’t think I’ll ever move back to the States, at least not to live. Thanks for your comments.

      3. Heh… maybe y r right about issues with Africa in matter of western influence.
        But…we shouldn’t judge whole continent and make generalizations b\c Africa is very huge and i suppose that pretty notable differencies exist among various countries like North and South, West and East etc.

        Yesterday talked with one guy that lives near me. He worked on contract in telecom. industry in South Africa and traveled extensively in south and south-east parts of the continent as a tourist during that time.
        He told some intresting and sometimes extremeely funny things ))

        Generally he confirmed the trends described above. However he told that 1 year is not enough to be well intergrated into society to be able to estimate such “thin” subjects comletely right.

        Also told that all those remote indigenous people from various tribes in Africa is usually just a BS show for tourists only.
        And you for them only some kind money sack. Generally ,as he told, in Africa many ppl consider all whites as money sacks.
        They can’t imagine that white also can’t be without money loads. lol )

        About South Africa he noted some better attitude against former USSR citizens(“russians” in generally) as they considered to be more smarty or\and engineering asses or something like that (most of pilots, aviation engineers etc are russians usually).

        Also told that baboons in SA are a real disaster for African Dacha owners and garden growers. He-he 😀 … Some details were just exreemelyy funny. Will tell in sjme other day.

      4. Regarding your “reculturalisation” in Russia i found some sentimental notes in your view of situation 🙂 and b\c of this i remembered one nice remake of cool composition\song\poem from 80s.

        Dunno if only your current russian level will be enough to pick up the sence.

      5. Wow, what a powerful song. I understood some of what was said, not all. I’ll have my wife listen to it later and translate what I didn’t understand. Thank you.

      6. It is kind of philosophical poetry \ hymn about \ to curriosity and optimism in life with some small aftertaste notes of melancholy (all this in simplistic description).

        Powerful i would rather consider this one:

        Or this one (but clip from the movie sucks and don’t fits very well- don’t watch- just listen):

        Lyrics is about you btw:
        I won’t be back
        The mist was once saying the same
        Was swallowing my words
        And turning them to water

        I’d give everything away
        To keep on going my way
        I would leave behind
        My untroubled freedom

        Only not to loose her in silver
        My only cherished one

        If you will find an acoustic version in good MP3(with 320kbps bitrate) or Loseless format then in the end orgasm can be catched. LOL

        Or this one for progressive individuals:

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