Sinkholes in Russia – Caused by Aliens or Angels?


 Aliens or maybe Angels causing Sinkholes?

An interesting phenomena has occurred in Russia as of the last several years. Because of it there has been widespread speculation of what has caused these gaping holes in the ground, from aliens to angels with everyone having their own wild theories about the subject. The latest sinkhole to open up occurred this last winter  was sometime before November 20th. The believed causes were an abandoned mine below the area that became flooded. While searching the internet one site claimed that individuals who were close to the site saw Angels come down from heaven during the event, what they were doing……. no one knows. What I do know is that the claims that the sinkholes themselves are only a hundred feet long as shown below is quite incorrect. Looking at the Dachas surrounding it says it’s more like 200-250 feet in length and the width probably closer to what has been speculated.

 Berezniki-Solikamisk Sinkholes

What is known is that potash has been mined from the area going back to soviet times. The cities of Berezniki-Solikamisk were these sinkholes have occurred have had a rich history that dates back to 1430 with the discovery and exploitation by miners and merchants, probably from Vologda, of massive salt deposits on the banks of the Usolka River. The name of Solikmisk is derived from the Russian words “соль” (sol, meaning “salt”) and “Кама” (Kama River, flowing through the town). The name Berezniki is derived from a birch forest that was originally situated were the city is located today. The cities themselves are close to a notorious area of Gulag prisons that were established in Stalin era. Unlike in other areas of the world mines like these were kept away from the cities. Here the Gulags were built within walking distance which have contributed to the problems that the area is currently experiencing. See here and here for more information about Russian Gulags.

 Nicknaming Sinkholes

One very curious thing that has happened since this all began, the citizens of the city started giving the sinkholes nicknames. The oldest of them all is called “The Grandfather”, he showed up in 2009. He could quite likely be the largest man-made sinkhole in the world. The others that have showed up have been called “The Younger”, and “The Tiny One”. Sounds a bit like kissing cousins to me.

Pillars of Salt for Support. Oops!

Berezniki’s problems have been traced to October 2006, when a freshwater spring began flowing into the mine, where potash fertilizer is extracted from salt lying 720 to 1,500 feet below the surface. The problem began when the walls and pillars of salt that miners had left to support the ceilings of huge underground caverns began to dissolve. Oops! It’s Russia.

Berezniki, today a city of 154,000 began as a labor camp, was built directly over one of the mine in the area – again a legacy of the Soviet policy of placing camps within marching distance of work areas. It is afflicted by sinkholes, yawning chasms hundreds of feet deep that can open at a moment’s notice. Engineers tried in vain to keep the mines from collapsing, unfortunately they were unsuccessful.

After that, the local government adopted the policy in effect today, of careful observation and early warning: geologists, surveyors and emergency personnel use a panoply of high-technology monitors. These include the video surveillance system, seismic sensors, regular surveys and satellite monitoring of the changes in altitude of roofs, sidewalks and streets.

 Despite all these cavernous anomalies the region is a great place to visit. Stay tuned for my next post on the region where I explore the Ural mountains and all they offer. Until then you can explore my post on the Urals themselves here.



22 thoughts on “Sinkholes in Russia – Caused by Aliens or Angels?

  1. I think of the earth as a living entity in constant change. You can expect these sink holes to appear especially in areas where there was mining, fracking or construction. The inner core of the earth is liquid and in motion, so the under pinnings of the earth’s crust will be affected- hence a sink hole.

    1. Well, dunno about other regions, but in Russia such things(or some of them) also might be connected somehow to ancient undergound facilities, which are believed to exist in Russia in big amounts.
      The problem is that Russia is situated on very old geological platform where you have a pretty thick layer of rotten\demolished rock formation elements and various siltages and b\c of these all ancient undeground structures are usually found very deep from few 10s to hundreds meters undeground. Exploration and reasearch is also very complicated by cold climate, permafrost and inaccessible taiga on the most terr. of the country.

      Some geometricaly regular-shaped shafts done from processed \ finished granite\basalt\etc were found on surface as well as some superficial(but indeed huge) parts on ancient undeground cities.

      For example:
      Shafts 80 -120m

      p.s. One also should take into account ancient mining places, which are also located very deep b\c of the same reasons and the trace activiy of which(dumps\slag-heaps) could be found for example in central and northen Ural from the air.

      1. That for sure also can be a reason.
        Generally i tend towards mutliple resons factor:
        it could be that ancients facilities or mines which are now undeground or “gas bubles” , undergound riverbeds, lakes and so on were influenced by anthropogenic human activity (oil\gas extraction, deep mining, hydropower plants and various dams) or typical low intence geological activiy (plates shifting plates) or atypical geological activiy([metal]hydride theory of expanding Earth).

        Who knows … 🙂

    2. Totally agree, She’s alive. We pump her blood to feed our cars, We trim her hair when we cut down the forests. Sinkholes are like pimples, don’t ya think?

      1. he-he… I generally see the humanity as virus\cancer of the planet in its current condition of technological and spiritual development.
        However i don’t consider Sinkholes as a disease pimples.. rather i consider them as signs of some kind of deep geological processes what mean’s that “It’s alive!” (c) 🙂
        Imho it must be much worse if all would be completely stable…. as at Mars for example.. o_0

        Generally my view of the situation is very different from typical and very complex. I don’t consider oil as a blood of the Earth… though it’s a difficult subject for any firm claims now.
        But i’m completely sure in abiotic nature of the oil as opposite to official “scince”.
        The same way as i’m sure that Egyptian pyramids were not build by egyptians as official “science” zombies us. The same way as BigBang is a BigFake infact and DE and DM is BS and HS respectively. =) The same wasy as that Nicola Tesla was right about existence of the Ether, but was wrong about its probable nature(it’s not substance, but rather a structure[geometry] of space-time which determs interactions of objects ans substances in it) etc and many more. Here also goes possible fractalisation of the structure of space-time and appearance of smthg like a scales steps and many more… As i said …pretty complex subject …

        Generally i consider urbanisation and high popultaion of the earth surface as ones of the most harmful human activity as it disturbs eco-harmony\balance most.
        That is another reason why i like Russia, Canada and whole former USSR and future Eurasion Union region also – small urbanisation and small(but smart enought to manage it) population.
        p.s. Btw if one consider all the issues written above + some additional subjects from fundametal science then we can’t firmly exclude ,for example, such theory as that we a really some kind of disease\infection of some kind of alive cell(Earth) or part of the cell(Galaxy) in some huge gigantic organism\creature. No matter fow fantastic it may sounds, but today this can’t be ruled out. 😎

  2. Really interesting post. There have been a few sinkholes reported in various parts of the world in recent years, but none on the scale of the ones you describe. Potash mining and underground streams don’t really make for stable conditions above, do they? Great nicknames for the sinkholes.

    1. Like I mentioned in another comment, sinkholes are like pimples, a sign that something is seriously wrong, like a bad complexion, don’t ya think LOL ))))

  3. It is the Aliens who live deep down in huge caves, packing up their gear and leaving, most of the sink holes are air vents and they know this planet will turn upside down, so time to leave, some of the holes may be created by beam weapons, allowing them to exit this planet. Laugh all you like but there are things going on in this planet that most have no idea.

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