Russia’s Yellowstone – Uzon Volcano Caldera

Uzon Volcano

 Russia’s Yellowstone – Uzon Caldera

In the far east of Russia lies a truly unique phenomenon of the Uzon Caldera. The caldera was formed in the place of collapsed volcano in the mid-Pleistocene period. The volcano was destroyed 40,000 years ago by a series of eruptions that occurred on the Kamchatka Peninsula.


First to Visit the Caldera – K. Von Ditmar

The first researcher to visit the caldera was geologist K. von Ditmar in 1854. The first studies were conducted in 1933 by B.I. Piip.

“Narzan” Hot Springs

The unique phenomenon here is like a natural laboratory it provides a live demonstration of thermal ecosystem processes. Uzon Caldera’s hydrothermal system is one of the most powerful in all of Kamchatka. Within the Caldera there are over 1,000 hot springs of different sizes and shapes, many vapor-gas springs, mud cauldrons, small volcanoes, and a number of thermal lakes are concentrated within a narrow 200–350 meter-wide strip on five thermal fields. There are even a few “Narzan” (mineral) springs. Visit here to get a 360 degree aerial panorama of the Caldera.

Wildlife of Uzon Caldera

The uniqueness of Uzon Caldera’s natural ecosystems is in the variety of its components, their unusual combination, in the role of nutrients, and in the cycling of matter. Arboreal vegetation is found next to mountain vegetation and alpine meadows. Nesting birds are found here in abundance. Animals and plants have found ways to adapt to the thermal environment.
Finally, a variety of heat-loving microorganisms adapted to the extreme conditions have evolved here with very distinct characteristics. This is one of the most interesting areas of future biotechnological research.

Uzon’s thermal Oil fields

Another peculiarity of Uzon’s thermal fields is oil — the high optical activity of which proves that it is biogenic in nature (i.e., a substance produced by life processes). See more here



28 thoughts on “Russia’s Yellowstone – Uzon Volcano Caldera

  1. Kino – Kamchatka

    p.s. For slowpokes =) about clip: when man returned to city beautiful , but stone “jungels” of St.Pitersburg he can’t forget strange and sweet Kamchatka and can’t stop thinks about it.

    Modern Remix – Victor Tsoy – Kamchatka

    p.s “I was searching here wine, but have found the third eye” = )

  2. Petabear =) Kamchatka

    Even considering the strange fact, that Kamchatka’s bears are probably the most friendly brown bears in the world (they are russians after all … LOL) you SHOULD NEVER FEED THE WILD PREDATOR!
    It generally it is better INaggressively spook him with screaming or scolding.

    1. Kamchatka is literally a “life incubator”. It has incredibly rich flora and fauna. So the bears there have abs. no any troubles with food.
      Maybe b\c of this they are so friendly.

      Usually they are very curious and just want to play, share some jokes about Sarah Louise Palin, discuss the weather or ,you know, potical rumours, etc. 😀

      p.s. But i wouldn’t recommend (esp. for foreigners) to talk with them on political subjects as it may lead to hot disputes\argumentaions. xD Today in Russia all have politicaly active posistion ))) and the bear is very dangeous wild animal of the same level as tiger or lion.
      So he can harm you for examle during speech gesticulation even if he really don’t want to … and you will not be able to run from such hot discussion b\c the bear can run at 60km per hour.
      So it is better to avoid such close communication with them if you ,for example, didn’t drink with exact hairy\furry buddy under some Firtree in the forest during last New Year night for example.

    2. And i’m even not talking about laguage difficulties. If bears usually questioning about last news from The “Big Land”(esp in matter of banning gmo growing, salmon and honey export and so on) sure naturally that most of them are not fluent in english.One should take that into consideration too additionally to all what was written above. 😀

    3. Well, speaking about bears and possible language difficulties. 😛

      Here is an example:
      Not very friendly suspicious bear – Kamchatka.

      As you see, the bear found some strange ppl… Thought that they are spiers or pilferers who want to steal his berries. 🙂 So decided to inspect the guys.
      As you saw he didn’t really react to shoot in the air, until the moment he heard laoud clear and “strong \ tight” russian language. After that “clear” speech he understood that guys are friendly troops and ran away on own berry business. 😀

      p.s. Kamchatka’s brown bear are the bigest in world. The weight could be up to 750kg and body length more than 3m.

      1. What kind of berries were they? We would pick blueberries and there was always a possiblilty of running into a bear.

  3. Btw, Steve, thx for airpano link.

    Whole day watched Europenian and US cities panorams.

    And damn… i have to say a big THANKS to communists for our citites planing. Holly molly they are just green and beautifull! Did you notice?
    Really…ppl share so many various rumours about EU and US cities (for example the most well know about Paris)…
    But f…k – does anyone of them have ever been in Moscow, St.Pitersburg, Kiev, Kazan and others etc for example?

    Seriously… all of those.. em 90% of US and EU looks like concrete s**tholes comparably. Almost no trees, monotonous boring planning, no free spaces at all in living areas…. Buenos Aires, Paris, Barselona, Chicago and others – are just complete horror!
    I dunno how ppl don’t become suicidal living there!
    I tolared only few ones – Seattle, Los Angeles to some degree, some German cities and some south Italian coastal towns.

    There is really nice planning in matter of space and organics(green) of the cities in Russia… i never payed to that fact any attention before.
    Really – just compare from the air!

      1. But look not to city centres or historical centers- b\c such places usually everywhere are pretty decent and nice.
        Compare usual typical city areas \ districs where ardinary ppl are used to live. So called sleeping districts.

      2. Here i made few screens of only 3 cities – just as an example.
        I really dunno how ppl can live here:

        or here:

        and esp. here:

        It is not some arabic countries! These cities builded by europenians!

      3. Screenshots didn’t show but will check it out. We are in the final couple of weeks at the university and high school that I work at —–so it’s to do much of anything right now.

      4. And again i posted mainly VERY ordinary city areas\districs -not the centres, nor historic, nor the business ones.

        Pics about any other russian (including Kazan) or former USSR cities you can find the same way by you own.

        [i]p.s. All pictures above are clickable for a bigger resolution.[/i]

      5. I dunno why screenshots didn’t worked. I reposted pics of Paris and Buenos Aires above as examples, but among all what i saw at Airpano Barselona is probably one of the 1st Prize winners for most awful city

        And they call that concrete rat labyrinth “beautiful”? Eeek!!!
        It is probably something “wrong” with me, but will not to live there no matter what.
        I just would become there suicidal or some sort of maniac probably…..

        p.s. For the last maybe 10 years when we started to addapt “europenian values” along with greed probably…. they started f***ing up the Kiev… unfortunately 😦 . Hope that they will be stopped before they will turn it into new “beutiful” Paris or Barselona, etc…

    1. Tried to make some scrshoots of another place – Valley of Geyzers.
      Dunno if they will be published properly directly from airpano.
      Ok…Lets try:

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