Mirror Reflections – Liberia & Russia

Roads to Hell-1

Liberia’s Roads

(miles and miles) to Recovery

Little more than 10 years have passed since Liberia began rising from the ashes of a 14-year civil war that decimated its political, social and economic order.

While nearly 84 percent of Liberia’s population still lives in extreme poverty on less than $1.25 per day, during Nobel Peace Prize Laureate President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s presidency, the GDP per capita has grown on average by nearly 8 percent per year. The country is slowly navigating a development path leading to better health, a stable democracy, an improved domestic agriculture market, and increased exports of products such as iron and rubber.

Yet despite some advances, Liberians continue to face a daunting challenge – all too often, when the “rubber meets the road,” there is quite literally no road to travel……….see more here.

Roads to Hell-2

Russia’s Highway to Hell

How would you like to be caught in a mess like that?  This is the story of Russia’s Lena Highway, aka the Highway from HellThe Russian Federal Hhighway runs from Moscow city to the Siberian city of Yakutsk.  The last 600 miles is called theLena HighwayThis bizarre road runs parallel to the Lena River on the last leg to Yakutsk.  As you can readily see for yourself from the picture, in the summertime, the Lena Highway turns completely to mud whenever it rains.

There are several Internet sites that consider the Lena Highway to be the worst road in the world. Personally I would give this dubious honor to Bolivia’s Road of Death (next story).  After all, no one gets killed in the mud, just incredibly aggravated.  People actually die on the Bolivian road all the time.

Yakutsk is the capital of the Yakutia Republic, part of the vast Russian region known as Siberia.  

The old joke is War is God’s way of teaching us geography‘.  With that in mind, any kid who grew up playing the board game Risk remembers Yakutsk and neighboring Kamchatka………..see more here.


9 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections – Liberia & Russia

  1. As you say, encouraging advances for the Liberian people, but those roads certainly don’t encourage travel! Yakutsk is a place-name that most school children learing about Siberia will have thrust at them.
    I’ll look forward to reading ‘Bolivia’s Road of Death’ later on.

  2. There are probably some redneck Americans over here who would love to get their jacked-up 4X4 pickup trucks in that crud. For myself, uh, no. Thank you, but… nah.
    Thanks for yet another informative post on the region. I admit, outside of the limited info my (clears throat) memory decides to store, I know absolutely nothing about that area. So far, my favorite has been about waterfalls. I like waterfalls…

      1. I don’t think I’ve actually experienced a live one before. I guess my adventurous nature disappeared when I started having to pay for the trip, instead of just being dragged along for the ride.

  3. Actually exist one big thick and important distinction of Russia from Liberia, Bolivia or anything else – it’s Permafrost existence in Strongly Continental Climate(what means huge temp. amplitudes).

    This is the main trouble about roads building in Russia btw.

    Personal flying vechicles is a must in future )

      1. Yup, indeed.
        Esp. considering the future Eurasion Union and strict external migration laws with further toughening of them.

        Even novadays format Rus + Be_l_arus + Ka_zak_hstan + Ar_m-enia + Ky_rg-izya is very huge area.

        In future if Uz_be_kistan, Ta_dj_ik_istan, Mo_ng_olia and most probably U_kr_aine, Tur_k_men_istan, G_eor_g_ia, Az_er_ba_jd-jan and L_at_via will join – this going to be the bigest , with development – the richest in matter of resources, wealth(per capita) and nature, and comaparably most underpopulated region in the world (what is going to became a huge advantage in the nearest future among all other regions beging from Asia and ending by EU or US).

        So to travel efficiently in area from Ki_e-v to Vla-d_ivo_st-ok and from Arctics to Pamir mountains flying vechicles in mass for sure will be needed. He-he )

        Even new HighSpeed Silk Way project can’t solve all the difficulties among human resources flows in such huge wild terriotory

        Lets hope that high-speed cross-country railways which are building now are only temporary and not final solutions for internal population flows. 🙂

        p.s. oh…. that damn “passive voice in present contin.” aghhh )))

      2. It certainly would be amazing to see. Hope it happens in our lifetime. What’s happening with the high speed train from Moscow to Kazan is a first good step.

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