The Forgotten Story – Russia’s Role in Defeating Hitler


Who Won the War Against Hitler?

Going through the educational system in the States we were taught that America along with the British and allied forces that we had won the war on Germany. There is no doubt that they stormed the beaches of Normandy, or that they fought bravely on the island of Iwo Jima. Who could forget the cheering that took place when troops entered Paris or other cities throughout Europe.

Recollections About the Horrors of War

We were all led to believe that these things happened solely because of the great leadership of people like Dwight D. Eisenhower, or the clear moral fiber of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and no one would dispute that the Atomic Bomb added to the success in finishing the war. It is sad that many today don’t have the recollections about the horrors that took place during this event, that many troops from countries all over the world lost their lives in the fight over tyranny.  The numbers of those who do remember are few, many suffered!


A Story that needs to be Heard

In not diminishing the role that all these contributors made to ending the war, there is a forgotten story to which the world needs to recognize and appreciate for their involvement and contribution to ending this terrible conflict. A story that needs to be heard. In Russia this story is remembered in a whole different way. In the West this affair was labeled “World War II”, but here in Russia people will always remember it as “The Great Patriotic War” and is viewed in a totally different light.

 The Soviet Union’s Victory over Nazi Germany

This last week in Moscow and throughout Russia  marked the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. What the world has failed to remember is that it wasn’t the Americans, British, or any other country to march into Berlin first. It was Russia! On April 21st, 1945 the Russian Army was on the outskirts of Berlin when they began their siege on the city. See more here. It wouldn’t be until May 7, that Germany would agree to a total surrender.


A Most Noteworthy Event

It was a grand moment, an incredible celebration that took place on the 9th of May of this year. The day could have been shared by many world leaders but regrettably only a handful joined in this noteworthy event. Those who were in attendance were the heads of state from China and India, very few western counterparts followed suit in this endeavor. See more here. Remarkably those who missed this occasion knew full well the horrors that befell not just Russia but the entire world. They should have put down their differences at this point, it just might have started a reconciliation process that is desperately needed to end the conflict in Ukraine. It should give everyone great pause and wonder about why this didn’t happen.


Let Us not Forget

A direct quote from the Washington Post:

Don’t forget how the Soviet Union saved the world from “Hitler”. 

Let us all not forget that wars effect all of us, that great men and women from all walks of life suffer from the likes of war. No one wins, no one truly gains, it’s a scar that humanity bears upon itself until all those who traveled through it have passed from this life to the next. Will we learn from these atrocities and not repeat them or will we forget this God forsaken history and walk in continued suffering. We all make choices, shouldn’t the choice be to all walk in peace for the good of all mankind? Here’s a couple more reasons to be thankful for our fellow Russian neighbors here and here.



24 thoughts on “The Forgotten Story – Russia’s Role in Defeating Hitler

  1. You are right in saying that Russia’s vital role in the fall of Berlin is little known in the ‘West’. We tend to know vaguely about the Nazi invasion of Russia (Operation Barbarossa?) and the devastating effect on the Russian people. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the Germans were entirely successful, and never truly dominated/conquered the country. I must confess, I hadn’t really thought about Russia’s part in the fall of Berlin, so thank you for enlightening me. I can see why, as someone who loves the country as much you do, you are incensed that Russia’s part is so overlooked.

    1. Thinking about it my biggest problem is how arrogant the west has become. What every happened to humility? When will these idiots stop being power-mongers and become lovers of peace, to which they claim but don’t show. I think they want to shame Putin, but the egg is really on their faces. Sorry to get on my Soap Box, just needed to get it off my chest.

      1. Feel free to do so – no need to apologise.
        I can appreciate all you’re saying about arrogance and lack of humility in the West. Peace ought to be the goal of every nation – but, unfortunately, it isn’t. Perhaps it never will be, I don’t know. Have a good Saturday evening archecotech.

      1. Well, in our society ppl always respected, respect and will respect elderlies, their life experience and wisdom.
        And we respect them to degree, what is usually unknown outside the former USSR (except Asia and East coutries – there elderies usually are also respected well).
        You ,living here, probably noticed that pretty much much.

        But, during last 10 years many of us noticed some not very good tendecies… winds in such attitude changing. Most ppl know from where such winds are blowing.

        So to prevent these unwanted changes social campaings had began against them the same way as with other kinds of unwanted and unwelcomed “issues” for society here (i think you know what i’m talking about).

  2. Imho y are not not completely correct.
    I can assure you that during that War, Family for many ppl was only 2nd priority. The first and the highest one was – Motherland.

    Even today in case if Motherland will be threatened to her existence many people will be ready to sacrifice themselves and their families to safe her.

    The picture above rather shows the succession of generations and that the true values in society are not forgoten and never will be. Begining from family and eldery wisdom and finishing by Motherland.

    I suppose that you personaly have seen few days ago on your eyes and felt by skin about what i’m talking. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this article. I am half way through it but plan to read all. I love history. Love movies about history, and war stories are some of the best. Horrific at times, yes, but true history nevertheless. True stories are the best ones, sad or happy. Grace & peace.

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