Russian Parody – Three heroes against Ninja Turtles

Three heroes against Ninja Turtles /

Ninja Turtles vs Three Russian Bogaturs

One of my readers turned me on to this great series of cartoons depicting the Bogaturs. This one is great because it’s a parody about Russian men and femininity which is seen very differently here in Russia (several layers of humor). After viewing this one I’d suggest going to Youtube and watch a few others. They will give you a bit of insight into the culture but I will warn you if you don’t have a little understanding first, some of them may not be understood. Anyway enjoy this one, would love to get some feed back.


7 thoughts on “Russian Parody – Three heroes against Ninja Turtles

  1. I always wonder where the pipe was inserted ))
    Another one extreemely funny:
    Three Russian Bogaturs & Bobsleigh

    1. Oh, I watched this one as well, what I love is that they poke at American icons and or popular media from the past making the clip just that much funny to me. If I hadn’t left the states and watched these I don’t think I would have caught the humor in them or at least some of it.

  2. He-he ) They poke not only to american media characters and not only poke. Sometimes they use them as just part of the storyline. Well.. for example in BIATHLONE series (which might be considered somewhta homophobic by some progressive auditory =) LOL) are present “Happy Three Friends”. If one don’t know who are these “Happy” Friends probably will not get the the story completely correct.

    Generally i like that in most of the toons hiden moral or lesson is present behind the text.

    p.s. I also find Godzilla and Titanic very as funny ones.

  3. Three Russian Bogaturs & BIATHLON

    GODZILA vs Three Russian Bogaturs

    Titanic & Three Russian Bogaturs

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