Thoughts of an Expat – Choices

reflecting pool-2



Here I sit between two pools and contemplate each one

One is shallow and the other is deep

The first simple, the second I’ll be undone

Riches from the first, the second won’t come cheap

To choose, to choose

I look to one and see my future the other I see my past

Am I in the cleft of the rock or in a hard place

One road is narrow the other is vast

Solitude and peace on one hand, the other a consuming rat race

To lose, to lose

With a hand in each the choice is hard to make

In the center the choice will come

In the Spirit no error will I betake

The choice was hard, I chose Undone.

To win, to win.


16 thoughts on “Thoughts of an Expat – Choices

  1. Hi man… good piece, but either a spelling error or an American spelling I’ve not met in Europe… “To loose, to loose” ?
    (“Loose” means slack or free… “Lose” means to fail to keep.)
    Regards, Ed B.

      1. Yeah sorry about that. I’ve been very, very busy with freelance work and trying to adjust to life back in the UK. It’s been a crap year to be honest but we’re on the up and I’m able to give a bit more time to fellow bloggers again at long last!

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