Thoughts of an Expat – Solitude

thoughts of an expat



Mesmerized by Nature Beauty

I’ve had many several profound moments of solitude each time I felt a tremendous connection with my surroundings. The first time it happened I was in the Redwood forests of Northern California. I had stepped into a darkened grove of trees where a beam of light shone through the canopy, my eyes were mesmerized by it’s beauty. What struck me was the dead silence that accompanied this awe inspiring wonder. I could hear nothing but my own heart beat. In that little slice of wonderment I understood what solitude really meant. It can’t be measured by time nor thought yet the encounter gave me a great sense of calmness like I’ve never experienced before. It was in this moment that I recognized the full embodiment of the universe. I was a part of it and it was a part of me, I was aware that I had purpose and that I needed to fulfill that purpose.


When Concerns Pass Away

The second time it happened I was struggling with some turmoil in my life. Like the first time I was in the presence of nature. My mind was completely in-wrapped with thought as I approached a small stream, walking alone my footsteps were light and unheard. My mind was caught up with the struggles of every day life. In front of me no more than 30 feet away across the brook a mother deer and her fawn stepped out into the open. Her gaze met mine for the briefest of moments, no words passed between us but the serenity that followed told me that she had no fear nor did I feel like I was imposing upon her or the fawn. They moved to the waters edge and both of them bowed their heads to drink from the brook. In that fleeting moment all my concerns passed away. The same connection I had felt before returned and I knew that everything that had been worrying me was gone. I learned a lesson that day, fear starts in the heart and moves to the head. I too bowed my head and was thankful for the fullness of solitude.


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