Okay, okay I’ll share a little Russian with you – And a bit of Humor too!


Бабушка нуждается в поездке

Grandma needs a ride


Russian salutations and saying bye

Hi – Privet (prieve’t);
Hello – Zdravstvuite (zdra’stvujte);
Good morning – Dobroe utro (Do’braje ootra);
Good afternoon – Dobryj den’ (do’brij den’) [Good afternoon among Russians are more used than among Americans, so don’t neglect using this phrase.]
How are you? – Kak Dela? (kak dela’);
I’m fine – U menja dela horosho (u mjenja’ djela horosho’);
Not bad – ne ploho (ni plo’ha)
Bad – ploho (plo’ha)
Glad to see you – Rad tebya videt (ra’d tibja’ vee’dit’);
Good bye – Do svidania (da sveeda’nija)
Bye – poka (paka’) [this word is more commonly used, especially among friends.]
Good night – spokoinoi nochi (spako’inoi no’chi)


6 thoughts on “Okay, okay I’ll share a little Russian with you – And a bit of Humor too!

  1. I love the small differences between Serbian and Russian, which I think is what makes Russian one of the most craved languages to know at here (besides English ofcourse), especialy among those who love literature.
    Your ‘sleep peacefuly’ opposed to ours ‘easy night’ and ‘sleep pretty/easy’, it just sounds more warm and loving.

  2. I’m going to save this page so I can remember the words. Why do the Grandma’s have to ride in a cage? Are they trying to escape?

  3. I would hate to butcher the language with my Westerner’s tongue. Even with the notation on how to pronounce them, they still look difficult to my American eyes.
    I’ll just keep to the simple nod, since you said in another post that smiling at someone might not be a good idea.

    Thanks! I do enjoy learning just how different salutations and other parts of common speech differ from ours. (I don’t get out much.)
    — John

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