The Miraculous Powers of Blue Lake – Just around the corner from home.

Blue Lake

 Blue Lake

There is an amazing place in the suburb of Kazan, which is a favorite destination for those visiting Kazan. One can swim in this lake year round, many locals visit it in winter to experience it’s healing effects. The reason for this is it’s high levels of hydrogen sulfide in ts water.


Those who get a chance to do this wind up smiling all day, energizing them for the entire week.  If they had suffered from headaches or other maladies they will be gone. The locals just can’t seem not survive the winter  without swimming in it’s crystal clear waters. The water is know to have miraculous powers and is world renowned . Its muds which are considered to be therapeutic are used in many health resorts throughout Tatarstan. It has even been speculated that it contains of an active radon which is beneficial in this form.
Blue Lake 2
There are actually three lakes – Great Gulf, Little Gulf and Blue Lake which are all connected  — a miracle, that came to us from the Ice Age. They arose as a result of karst faults and in the basic have the ice that retains water temperature constant throughout the year — winter and summer, 4 degrees!


The depth of the lakes from 2 to 17 m or more, and the nature that surround the lakes is truly amazing. All together make up a single unique complex, it’s like a bit of heaven on Earth. Due to the constant inflow of spring water in the lake it has fantastically good visibility for a freshwater reservoir. Depending on the time of the year, the color changes from azure in summer to nearly black in winter.


The slopes of the coast under water are covered with dense thickets of Elodea. Due to low temperature all year round, the fauna in the lakes is scarce but they are home to many very rare species, included in the Tatarstan’s Red Book, like water scorpion and planarians.


The lakes are well-known and drew attention early in the 19th century. The water’s unique formula and healing qualities were studied and described by the famous scientist and doctor Carl Fuks.


14 thoughts on “The Miraculous Powers of Blue Lake – Just around the corner from home.

  1. The lakes are truly beautiful. i could just dive in there myself. The fact that they’re classed as healing waters and give have a ‘feel good’ effect on bathers is a great bonus. I hope you enjoy your dip if you do mange to get there.

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