Why the United States launched its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine

Ukraine has nothing to do with sovereignty, democracy or (alleged) Russian aggression. That’s all propaganda, says Mike Whitney.


THE UNITED STATES does not want a war with Russia, it simply feels that it has no choice.

If the State Department hadn’t initiated a coup in Ukraine to topple the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, then the US could not have inserted itself between Russia and the EU, thus, disrupting vital trade routes which were strengthening nations on both continents.

The economic integration of Asia and Europe–including plans for high-speed rail from China (“The New Silk Road”) to the EU–poses a clear and present danger for the US whose share of global GDP continues to shrink and whose significance in the world economy continues to decline.

For the United States to ignore this new rival (EU-Russia) would be the equivalent of throwing in the towel and accepting a future in which the US would face a gradual but persistent erosion of its power and influence in world affairs. No one in Washington is prepared to let that happen, which is why the US launched its proxy-war in Ukraine.

The US wants to separate the continents, “prevent the emergence of a new rival”, install a tollbooth between Europe and Asia, and establish itself as the guarantor of regional security. To that end, the US is rebuilding the Iron Curtain along a thousand mile stretch from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Tanks, armored vehicles and artillery are being sent to the region to reinforce a buffer zone around Europe in order to isolate Russia and to create a staging ground for future US aggression.

Reports of heavy equipment and weapons deployment appear in the media on nearly a daily basis although the news is typically omitted in the US press. A quick review of some of the recent headlines will help readers to grasp the scale of the conflict that is cropping up below the radar:

“US, Bulgaria to hold Balkans military drills”, “NATO Begins Exercises In Black Sea”, “Army to send even more troops, tanks to Europe”, “Poland requests greater US military presence”, “US Army sending armored convoy 1,100 miles through Europe”, “Over 120 US tanks, armored vehicles arrive in Latvia”, “US, Poland to Conduct Missile Exercise in March – Pentagon”

Get the picture? There’s a war going on, a war between the United States and Russia.

Notice how most of the headlines emphasize US involvement, not NATO. In other words, the provocations against Russia originate from Washington not Europe. This is an important point. The EU has supported US-led economic sanctions, but it’s not nearly as supportive of the military build up along the perimeter. That’s Washington’s idea and the cost is borne by the US alone.

Naturally, moving tanks, armored vehicles and artillery around the world is an expensive project, but the US is more than willing to make the sacrifice if it helps to achieve its objectives.

And what are Washington’s objectives?

Interestingly, even political analysts on the far right seem to agree about that point. For example, check out this quote from STRATFOR CEO George Friedman who summed it up in a recent presentation he delivered at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs. He said:

“The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars–the First, the Second and Cold Wars–has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.” … George Friedman at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs, Time 1:40 to 1:57)

Bingo. Ukraine has nothing to do with sovereignty, democracy or (alleged) Russian aggression. That’s all propaganda. It’s about power. It’s about imperial expansion. It’s about spheres of influence. It’s about staving off irreversible economic decline.

It’s all part of the smash-mouth, scorched earth, take-no-prisoners geopolitical world in which we live, not the fake Disneyworld created by the western media.

The US State Department and CIA toppled the elected-government in Ukraine and ordered the new junta regime to launch a desperate war of annihilation against its own people in the East, because, well, because they felt they had no other option.

Had Putin’s ambitious plan to create a free trade zone between Lisbon to Vladivostok gone forward, then where would that leave the United States? Out in the cold, that’s where. The US would become an isolated island of dwindling significance whose massive account deficits and ballooning national debt would pave the way for years of brutal restructuring, declining standards of living, runaway inflation and burgeoning social unrest.

Does anyone really believe that Washington would let that to happen when it has a “brand-spanking” trillion dollar war machine at its disposal?

Heck, no. Besides, Washington believes it has a historic right to rule the world, which is what one would expect when the sense of entitlement and hubris reach their terminal phase. Now check out this clip from an article by economist Jack Rasmus at CounterPunch:

“Behind the sanctions is the USA objective of driving Russia out of the European economy. Europe was becoming too integrated and dependent on Russia. Not only its gas and raw materials, but trade relations and money capital flows were deepening on many fronts between Russia and Europe in general prior to the Ukraine crisis that has provided the cover for the introduction of the sanctions. Russia’s growing economic integration with Europe threatened the long term economic interests of US capitalists. Strategically, the US precipitated coup in the Ukraine can be viewed, therefore as a means by which to provoke Russian military intervention, i.e. a necessary event in order to deepen and expand economic sanctions that would ultimately sever the growing economic ties between Europe and Russia long term. That severance in turn would not only ensure US economic interests remain dominant in Europe, but would also open up new opportunities for profit making for US interests in Europe and Ukraine as well…

When the rules of the competition game between capitalists break down altogether, the result is war—i.e. the ultimate form of inter-capitalist competition.” (The Global Currency Wars, Jack Rasmus, CounterPunch)

See? Analysts on the right and left agree. Ukraine has nothing to do with sovereignty, democracy or Russian aggression. It’s plain-old cutthroat geopolitics, where the last man left standing, wins.

The United States cannot allow Russia reap the benefits of its own vast resources. Oh, no. It has to be chastised, it has to be bullied, it has to be sanctioned, isolated, threatened and intimidated. That’s how the system really works. The free market stuff is just horsecrap for the sheeple.

Russia is going to have to deal with chaotic, fratricidal wars on its borders and color-coded regime change turbulence in its capital. It will have to withstand reprisals from its trading partners, attacks on its currency and plots to eviscerate its (oil) revenues. The US will do everything in its power to poison the well, to demonize Putin, to turn Brussels against Moscow, and to sabotage the Russian economy.

Divide and conquer, that’s the ticket. Keep them at each others throats at all times. Sunni vs Shia, one ethnic Ukrainian vs the other, Russians vs Europeans. That’s Washington’s plan, and it’s a plan that never fails.

US powerbrokers are convinced that America’s economic slide can only be arrested by staking a claim in Central Asia, dismembering Russia, encircling China, and quashing all plans for an economically-integrated EU-Asia.

Washington is determined to prevail in this existential conflict, to assert its hegemonic control over the two continents, and to preserve its position as the world’s only superpower.

Source: Counterpunch


18 thoughts on “Why the United States launched its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine

  1. Obama thinks more of other countries than he does his own citizens. His poll rating are so far down for doing what he wants, when he wants to do them and NO one had better stand in his way attitude! If he asked the public – they’d tell him we are tired of being the big brother and guardian of the world – we need help at home.

    1. Obama’s agenda makes him the most dangerous man in the world. Putin isn’t enemy, the US government is losing it position in the world and just like the article says they will do everything they can to maintain it. America isn’t the America I remember when I was younger. I’ve been considering writing an obituary sharing about the death of America, wondering how it might be received? It feels like a great loss and that someone has stolen something from me and the rest of the citizens of our once wonderful country. I have people here say all the time that don’t understand why this is all happening. They feel like they are being punished for something they have no part in. But they agree when we talk about sacrifice and standing together in this great harm that is being perpetuated upon them. Everyone is so afraid of Russia, but in the reality they are a very peace loving people with great hearts.

      1. It is not the Russians as a whole that are mistrusted so much as Putin’s [what appears to be his fragile state of mind] and the Russian mobsters that have established themselves. They behave much like Obama, get in my way – Watch out!

      2. If the evidence that Western powers are moving on are incorrect, which they are then using Putin as a reason to condemn an entire country is just plain wrong and unjustifiable. What western powers want is total domination of the world, which to me sounds like fascism. Do we want Obama to be not only president of the United States but Dictator of the world. I personally think not.

      3. Obama out – true, but ever since WWII, the whole “world dominance” fantasy has been out the window. Only a real fruitcake would strive for that!

  2. Our government’s lack of a clear, definitive foreign policy makes no sense to Americans and must be viewed by all others as a joke. Obama is dangerous, but there is even a strong coalition of Republicans who are vying for war. We are financially broke, emotionally worn out after Iraq and Afghanistan, and have leaders which no nothing about true leadership. We can’t handle our own domestic or trade problems so we stick our noses into other countries issues which are simply not any of our business. As Russia is looking to her own national interests, this is what America needs to be doing at home…not intervening with others abroad.

  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Thx for posting this article! Sums up succinctly: “The United States cannot allow Russia reap the benefits of its own vast resources. Oh, no. It has to be chastised, it has to be bullied, it has to be sanctioned, isolated, threatened and intimidated. That’s how the system really works. The free market stuff is just horsecrap for the sheeple.”

  4. It’s an interesting hypothesis but I can’t imagine an Asia-EU economic alliance being a serious challenge to the US. For one thing, nobody trusts the ruble or Russia’s economic system so Russia won’t be leading such a union which would not be to Putin’s liking. The “Great Silk Road” is a nonstarter. You can barely get countries within the EU to agree on what day it is and throwing Russia into the mix won’t get any better. So the US really has no motive to interrupt such plans.

    1. Interesting, just got done talking to friends in Romania were they are staging thousands of American tanks and military equipment, explain this? Second the true reasoning behind it is that the US government can’t afford to allow this alliance to happen. It would mean a shift of power. Don’t be fooled, there is so much more going on behind the scenes than you could imagine. I don’t want to come across as a know it all but please do some reading and research. I think what you find will be very disturbing.

      1. This the second time you’ve told me to do more reading and research. What makes you think I haven’t?

        Russia’s GDP is less than Italy’s. They have no reliable exports or commodities that are in demand globally besides oil and their corruption levels hinder economic growth. And their currency might as well be Monopoly money. Russia won’t be challenging anybody’s hegemony any time soon. China is in much better position to challenge the US and even then I doubt it.

        We have tanks in Romania because they are a NATO member and Russia just backed an armed invasion that annexed the territory of a soveriegn country. Interesting thing about Romania–They were practically begging to join NATO after dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. A lot of other countries did also, including the Baltic ones. Something tells me that they don’t want to be under Russian hegemony ever again. Kinda makes you think that an EU-Russia cooperative isn’t in the cards right now.

  5. You are correct that Russia’s GDP is less than Italy’s okay, good point. Russia didn’t invade Ukraine, I’m not sure what sources you are following but I have access to direct information that says different. I read several articles that directly relate the shooting down of the Malaysian airline to the Ukrainians not the rebels. The sanctions that are being imposed upon Russia are a result of this.
    But I think your mind is set, and that’s okay. I think we can agree to disagree like gentlemen, right?

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by “direct information”. But I’m skeptical. It’s just that wars are hard to cover up when dead bodies full of bullet and shrapnel wounds start arriving home in zinc coffins and not just a couple. We’re talking about a few hundred at least. I wonder how many it would take to knock down Putin’s approval rating? Time will tell.


      1. It has become a well known fact amongst Russians and Ukrainians who started this war. The US sent in the CIA (we know someone personally) to further their agenda during EuroMaidan. This toppled the Ukrainian government. Why? To put in a puppet government that sympathizes with US policies. The Malaysian Airliner wasn’t shot down by Donbass Rebels, it’s been proven to have been shot down by the Ukrainians. This leads to the fact that the sanctions imposed by the US and EU are completely unfounded. Everyday 100’s if not 1000’s of refugees are pouring into Russia. The hearts of many here are helping these displaced brothers and sisters to find homes, clothing, work, and even feeding them. It may be that there are Russian soldiers coming home in zinc lined boxes, it is without a doubt a tragedy. Russia did not in instigate this war, the US did. Again, we know this because we hear it from inside Ukraine. I’ve been hearing first hand information not from the news. I’ve been hearing from those who have suffered from this war. Western media has been pounding their skewed information trying to get everyone to believe it. Russia didn’t want this war, period. Neither did Putin, I believe it’s his stance against the NWO, the alliance Russia is looking for with the East that has set all of this into motion. Again, You can believe what you want, just know hearing right from the source has it’s advantages. If I was relying just on what the media says, I doubt I’d give much credence to either side. We know what happening because it’s happening to us.

      2. I think you’re overestimating the US ability to control western media, especially in other countries that have no incentive to back the US version of events. Assuming that everything your sources are telling you is true and not due to the threat of harm for not parroting the Kremlin version of events, there wouldn’t be much ability for the CIA, or whoever, to stage a revolution without there being many disgruntled people fed up with Ukraine’s Moscow leaning government. They look east and see corruption, law favoring the highest bidder, and low living standards. They look west and see rule of law and prosperity. Which would you choose? This was even true during Soviet times. They even had to build a wall in Berlin to keep people from leaving. Russia will never be able to cultivate these types of relationships with other countries. Putin only understands force.

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