Russia’s Eeriest Abandoned City – Anadyr-1 (Gudym)


Russia’s Eeriest Abandoned City

Among the variety of abandoned military bases in post-Soviet Russia, Anadyr-1 (Gudym) is possibly the eeriest one. Located near the ideological enemy – the United States of America, it used to store nuclear warheads for the missile base which targeted Alaska, Washington state, California and South Dakota (all had/have missile silos).


The Closed Cities of Today’s Russia

Today, Russia is suspected to have at least 15 secret cities. These “closed cities” are officially classified by the government, with their names and location unknown, they are not found on any maps, no road signs will direct you to them, and visits from foreigners are strictly prohibited.


In the Remotest Part of Russia

Back in 1961, the closed city of Anadyr-1 was built in the subarctic climate of Chukotka to protect the Soviets. Officially, the town was called “Anadyr-1”, but locals called it Gudym (Гуды́м), in honor of Colonel Gudymov, who supervised the construction, and committed suicide under mysterious circumstances immediately after the completion of construction.


Gudym Once Held 50,000 Residents

The glorious history of Gudym has ended recently. The last part of military installations was dismantled in 2002. All five thousand residents (mainly military and their families) have left the settlement of about fifty wooden and stone buildings, airport and the military base.


All Utilities above Ground because of Harsh Climate

Throughout Gudym, wooden containers are stretching. They contain the communication lines and pipes. Nothing can be buried in the frozen soil because of the harsh climate.


The floor of local drugstore is piled with the canned potatoes.


Thousands upon thousands of these helmets were the Soviet taxpayers’ involuntary investment to protect the troops of Guydm.


This is a City that never suffered during Soviet Times

The Soviet military used to be well paid. Residents of the closed city, located that far North, had decent salaries and allowances. The town had a grocery store, which had no food supply shortages even in the years of stagnation.


Northern summer is short and chilly. The snow does not melt even in June.


Where the archives of Ahnenerbe Stored here as well

This secret facility used to host three or four RSD-10 pioneer nuclear missiles. Apparently, that was enough to destroy half of the continent. Rumor has it, that the captured archives of Nazi organization Ahnenerbe were stored here as well.


All Great things must come to an End

Presumably, a great sum of money was spent on the construction and maintenance of dozens similar facilities throughout the country. We can only speculate where this money could be invested instead. In the end, the secret objects have collapsed.

8 thoughts on “Russia’s Eeriest Abandoned City – Anadyr-1 (Gudym)

  1. It’s interesting the things various military organizations see the same way. They spend loads of the money from the citizenry on supplies, then when the “program” is diminished, they just leave it there to rot, like saying, “Forget those; we have plenty more.”
    Thanks for this glimpse into the past!

  2. A very informative post. The photos are wonderful and strangely eerie. It was interesting to read about the original purpose of these secret cities and what has become of them now.

  3. Thanks for this read & pictures. I found Anadyr-I while browsing through google maps spheric photos and googled further to learn more about that place.

    This is the spheric photo that started it (hope the link works) 🙂,177.9010315,3a,75y,171.53h,85.16t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipNDJU0mNCRYyCdhtWwobgSC29PrNmNmbXxaZcMB!2e10!3e11!!7i10240!8i5120

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