Rare Glimpse Inside Abkhazian Cave

These otherworldly images give a rare glimpse inside caves so remote few humans have ever stepped foot inside.

With its peculiar pools of water, and strange coloured sediments, the bizarre-looking tunnels of the Shakuranskaya cave could be straight out of a science fiction film.


Found in the disputed region of Abkhazia, around 75 miles outside of Sochi, Russia, it is rumoured the incredible underground chambers were formed after a huge earthquake struck the area in 1892.


Surreal images from Abkhazia offer a rare glimpse inside remote caves that few humans have ever set foot inside


The incredible shotswere taken by VladimirMulde, who spent the day photographing his friends in the cave, like Pavel (pictured right)


After causing part of a nearby mountain to collapse into the Amtkel River, it is thought the dam-like affect has created a series of interconnecting underground tunnels.

The incredible images were taken by Russian photographer, Vladimir Mulde, 31, who spent the day with a small group of friends tentatively making his way through the rarely seen terrain to capture the cavern on camera.

Amazingly, many parts of the cave are completely submerged underwater meaning much of it is still yet to be seen.

The eerie green glow created by the light from the cavers’ torches illuminates the walls of sediment


The bizarre landscape inside the cave looks like something from a sci-fi film (left) as two unnamed cavers explore (right)


A caver known as Flick (left) and his unnamed friend explore the interconnecting underground tunnels


Vladimir said: ‘This cave is one of the wonders of Abkhazia, it’s so picturesque but the location is little known by tourists.

‘It is thought the caves were born out of a huge earthquake that hit Abkhazia in 1892.

‘There are three separate caves that you can explore but there also many more, however, they are completely filled with water.


The cavewas discoveredin the region of Abkhazia, around 75 milesoutside of Sochi, Russia


After an earthquake caused part of a nearby mountain to collapse into theAmtkel River, it’s believed the dam-like effect created the tunnels


13 thoughts on “Rare Glimpse Inside Abkhazian Cave

  1. Excellent post!
    I really like caves, began going into them barely into my double digits. Unfortunately, by the time I reached Career Consideration age, my sights were not pointing in any direction, so did not know I could be educated towards becoming a paid explorer.
    These photos are great! I sure wish I could physically handle visiting and exploring caves such as this. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. It’s with great pleasure, I’ve enjoyed caving most of my adult life and even early childhood. I’d say I’ve been in over a dozen different caves in my life time. How about yourself?

      1. I only had access to ones which lined the creek we used to live by. There were at least a couple we ventured into, but I’m sure the one we dubbed “Our Cave” would be considered a fissure within a cavity. We had fun, anyway.

        I think I’m in too poor condition to do it anymore. Sad but true.

      2. The memories also make good fodder for stories. I’ve written a couple that deal with caves, but I’m not sure how they will be received by any readership. Would you care to read one or two?

  2. I’m fascinated by these wonderful photos. The shapes and colours in the cave are quite mind blowing – appealing very much to the geologist in me! Thank you for sharing all this.

    1. You are very welcome. Spelunking is very cool. I’ve been in the Lehman Caves, Wonderland Caves, Nelson Caves, Oregon Caves, and many more. I’m always amazed at their beauty.

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