Dedicated to my Sister-in-Law – “Set Free Forever”

set free forever

G.S. Hague

Set Free Forever

Dedicated to my sister in law

Felicia Hague

In a meandering myriad of thoughts
My mind reflects on thee
Is there no time for words or casting of lots
To this I desire to plea

Come down from your lofty world
Visit me in this lowly place
Give me abundance completely unfurled
Time tells me there is no race

Choices I made, left me feel undone
No despair is in my heart
Each battle hard fought and won
Voices in my head tear me apart

Joy only comes from thee alone
Pain and sorrow my constant companions
This is something I’ve always known
You are the One who fills the deepest of canyons

No longer tortured in this pain riddled body
Set free forever to thee I come
It’s only joy that I truly embody
Never again will I have to succumb




7 thoughts on “Dedicated to my Sister-in-Law – “Set Free Forever”

  1. Steve, this is absolutely beautiful. I’m sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law.

    I lost my mother to cancer at Christmas time 17 years ago now, and I can lovingly imagine these words were hers.

    Thank you for sharing such a personal moment.

    1. It was time to let her go, her and I were quite close when I was living in the states. I will miss her. Thanks.

      On another note, I was going to contact you because I have a chance to go to Azerbaijan. I knew that you were there. Can you share a little with me about the conditions there and if it’s safe. I just read earlier today they just did a devaluation of their currency. Any thoughts?

  2. If you have the chance, go! It is different from Russia in many ways, yet completely familiar in others. I walked everywhere alone- home late after work or after dinner, the theater, and so on with no problem whatsoever in downtown Baku. The regions are quite safe as well.

    People are very respectful to foreigners- especially Americans. The only caveat would be street children you may encounter in the city center where expats frequent. Just keep walking and make no contact.

    This is a very interesting mix of Turkic culture and Soviet overlay they are trying to forget. Russian is still widely spoken but Azerbaijani (Turkish-related) language is making great strides as is national pride, For instance, in the article I sent you, they have changed all the street names from say Communistichiskaya to Istiglaaliyat (Freedom) in an effort to overcome the 70 years of domination.

    The ladies are not compelled to wear head scarves, but some do. You will find many now wear mini-skirts and lots of make-up, quite in opposition to their Muslim heritage. It is not so strict as elsewhere. Moscow and Mtv have had their way here.

    You will find a pleasant mix of Persian, Caucasian, Russian and European influences in varying degrees, in varying places. English is widely spoken by the 30 & under crowd in the city; in the regions you’ll find mostly Azeri.

    Oil money has brought varying levels of luxury back to the city of Baku- Four Seasons Hotel luxury all the way to clean, spartan hospitality like the Old City Inn. (IMHO, the best things are the old things- hopefully they haven’t overrun all their history with new metro covers and facelifts. Do go into the metro stations if you can, as they are worth a look if you’ve been in Moscow’s system.)

    Hope the helps you have a fabulous visit. I’d love to hear your impressions when you get back- or even while you’re there!

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