On a Little Different Note – Introducing the Newest Member of the Family

It’s been well said that when choosing a dog, choose one that matches your lifestyle and personality, right? I find this very interesting since this time my wife chose our puppy, not I! What I find very amusing is that she had me look at two different breeds. If I’d half a mind I’d say the devil played a trick on me. If there were ever two dogs with opposite or almost opposite temperaments I think these two would qualify. Then again thinking about my wife and I we too are quite opposites. So why do I say this?

Well let’s compare these two and I’ll let you be the judge as which dog fits which person.


The Lovable Pomeranian

The first was the Pomeranian, this cute little fur ball has quite the interesting characteristics. They aren”t too clingy or codependent. They get along each every member of the family, including other pets, as long as they’re introduced properly. They are intelligent, busy and curious, yet they have a lovable independence about them.  This breed can also be stubborn and willful, and they can easily dominate a weak-willed owner (partner).  They crave your attention and playtime, sometimes responding by standing on their hind legs and barking happily. As cute as these little dogs are this wasn’t my choice.

Jack Russell Terrier Snarling

The Feisty Jack Russell Terrier

Next come the breed of my choice, having not done my homework, I now see why! The Jack Russell Terror, oops I mean Terrier was the second choice of my wife. If the first dog was my wife and the second was myself you would get a small glimpse into the dynamics of our small happy family. When I finally did get around to doing my due diligence what I discovered was a dog that if it happened to be human would probably have been my twin. So what are the characteristics of this little breed: quick to bark, quick to chase, lively, bossy, feisty, scrappy, clever, independent, stubborn, persistent, impulsive, intense and a couple of other expletives that I can think of. Damn my wife knows me to well. I think I just might have met my match. So after three years of marriage I think my wife has finally gotten back at me.

But I have digressed a bit here, but can’t you see the loving wife and the opposite side in the husband, oh Dear. Thinking I need to do a bit of work on myself. Anybody have any pointers. Anyway our newest addition to the family is due to arrive via the Moscow Stork in the first two weeks of March. I think I’m going to have my hands full for a while. With that let me introduce you to “Darby-Zara-John” our delightful new puppy.


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Our Princess – Darby-Zara-John

Unlike a sonogram these are real live pictures of our little princess. One fun side note here, I knew the puppy needed a name that would sound the same in English or Russian. After the wife and I talked about it we arrived to the conclusion Darby sounds almost the same in both languages. I’m so glad I don’t have to twist my tongue to speak to Darby, wouldn’t have been good to confuse her with my poor Russian. Maybe a few stories will come out of our new addition to our family. We will see.


21 thoughts on “On a Little Different Note – Introducing the Newest Member of the Family

    1. Yeah, I know. Couple more weeks and she’s here. Hope I’m ready. Did you get my e-mail? I’m going to need the names of those who are wanting to go so I can reserve the spot.

  1. You and “Frasier”s father (on a TV show) – the father had a very smart Jack Russell Terrier named Eddie. But for me, I’d still go for the furball. Best of luck and lots of fun.

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