The Simple Life – All People live in

All People Live In

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you – All People live in – These are Folk songs and people’s stories gathered in remote villages of Western Siberia in 2013. After conversing with Andrey he allowed me to present you with some of his work. You can visit his website here. I’ve shown some of his photography in the past and absolutely fell in love with it. I hope you find his work as pleasing as I do.

All Ideas, photography and records

By Andrey Shapran.

4 thoughts on “The Simple Life – All People live in

    1. Olga, I’ve heard of Yelabuga but haven’t been there yet. Some of my students at the university are from there. I’d love to visit. I know that Ford vehicles are built there, even had an opportunity to come a teach there some time ago. So sooner or later I hope to come and see the wonderful little city. And I love Andrey’s work, he’s a amazing photographer.

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