Bringing the Dead back – Life in Russia


Should we Reevaluate Death

It seems that 32,000 years ago a smart little squirrel decided to hide his seeds in his burrow hoping at some future date to return for a tasty little treat. Who knew he’d have to wait that long. It’s not a new story but one worth pondering, how is it that something that was once dead can be brought back to life? Does this mean that if something dies it’s not truly dead but can be re-born? Should we reevaluate death?


Maybe We are Looking at Things the Wrong Way

We all found it very amusing to watch the squirrel in Ice Age chase his one little acorn around always fearful that he was going to lose it. Can’t we all see a bit of ourselves in him, chasing that one thing we think we’re going to lose. It could be a job, a car, a relationship, a big bank account, the list goes on and on. But maybe just maybe we are looking at things the wrong way. Could it be that the one thing we are clinging to is the very thing we should let go?


Death Brings Forth Life and Fruit Again

Or how about Methuselah (the Judean date palm seed) about 2,000 years old, recovered from excavations at Herod the Great‘s palace on Masada in Israel. After being found in its cache three of the seeds were planted, one of them sprouted in 2005 and it’s believed that it will be bearing fruit by 2022. So even after 2000 years a seed that was thought to be dead brought forth life and fruit again. Interesting! Reminds me of another story.

Death Comes for Us All

In 1931 Communism began it’s destruction of the church in Russia. After 60 years of suppression it looked like the work that had been started was complete. They say that death come for us all, why not the church as well? If a seed dies should not a church as well die? What is it that comes from death that is so important? Could it be freedom? An understanding that all things that are earthly are not important? It could be that death is the true beginning of life.

restored church in Russia

 Restoration has a Purpose

Today things that were dead over 80 years ago are coming back to life again. Everything that dies, dies that something else can be born or reborn. Hundreds of churches have been restored just for that purpose. Life in Russia isn’t easy but it’s real. What’s most important in this life is “Freedom”. Do you have it?


One thought on “Bringing the Dead back – Life in Russia

  1. It’s true that death ushers the new beginning. But death is for living things. A seed is a living thing. But a church is an architecture, that is an inanimate object and spiritually it is an epitome of religious faith. So how can it die? I don’t understand this view ” If a seed dies should not a church as well die? ” And most importantly ‘death’ is natural… But forceful destruction (of church or anything ) can not be termed as ‘death’… that’s what I understand.

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