Discover the Altai Mountains – Life in Russia’s First Excursion

Mt. Belukha in the Altai mountains, Kazakhstan

Life in Russia’s First Excursion

Well it’s finally happened. Life in Russia is planning it’s first excursion to the heart of the Altai mountains. Currently we are working on putting together a package price for those who are interested in visiting one of the most beautiful places in all of Russia. We are looking for 10-15 people who would like to join us on this trekking adventure. It will be a total of a 12 day event with the hiking portion of the trip being 8 days. The whole length of the trip is 136 km (85 miles). The difficulty of the trip is easy to medium (pack horses from 3rd to 6th day) with no need for special skills or gear (kids from 12 years old are allowed with parents). The trip is currently set for the end of August.


A Little about the Excursion

Mt. Belukha is the highest peak in Siberia, it has two summits Western Belukha (4440 meters) and Eastern Belukha (4506 meters). The glacier shield that covers a large amount of the mountain ridge (70 sq km) is where the headwaters start for the Katun river. The marvelously steep peaks of Belukha, intensely sparkling masses of ice, awesome vertical rock cliffs charm visitors from afar, creating awe and wonderment as they transcend this mystical and inspiring place. At the foot of the mountains time and space disappear into the mysteries, your consciousness becomes aware that man is not always the measurement of things. It is here according to one Asian legend that Mt. Belukha is the mystical country of Northern Shambala where spiritual wisdom is to return to the modern world. This area is also associated with the famous Russian Artist ‘Nikolay Ririkh’ who’s work attracts hundreds of admirers to his paintings each year. In 1995 the Altai republic government established the Belukha nature park.


Tour Package Includes:

  • Full board – (except for the meal during the transfer)
  • Excursions per program with entrance fees (11th day)
  • Transfers from Novosibirsk/Barnaul to the starting point of the route and back to Novosibirsk/Barnaul
  • Guides
  • Special equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, equipment for fire)
  • Insurance
  • Invitation letter for Russian visa
  • Pack-horse rental (3rd to 6th day)

Tour price does not include:

  • Cost of airfare
  • Consular fees for visa
  • Interpreters
  • accommodations in  Novosibirsk or Barnaul

Cost of the excursion: 560 euros (638.40 dollars) per person

Added costs: 550 (670.00 dollars) per group (payment for professional translator services)

If you are interested please let me know. For more information I can be directly contacted through my about me section on the left side of the blog. A comment can also be left if interested.

19 thoughts on “Discover the Altai Mountains – Life in Russia’s First Excursion

    1. Well………………….What’s stopping you? Looks like a few spots are filled up but still plenty of room. In a couple of days I will be making available great rates for flights that help help those who need help in this part of things. So if you are interested hang on I’m working to make it more of a reality for everyone.

      1. Sure. This time its not possible due to my priorities at present. But who knows, some day soon. Thanks for the invite.

        Have fun in the trip and do share your experiences in the posts later. 🙂

  1. Well Im in for it, August should be fine since I will be getting two weeks off from end of August, mail me the details.
    Thank you

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