So are Russians Worried? Let’s See!

Guess what folks it just isn’t happening.

Because I live and work here in Russia I get to see things first hand. I’ve been continuously and constantly amazed at what I see. We are hearing and reading in Western Media that Russia is about to collapse, bedlam rules the streets, and the entire population is panicking. Guess what folks it just isn’t happening. These are all things that I believe they wish were true but aren’t. The question has got to be “Why”?  So let’s look at the facts.

everyday life in russia

Life just continues on………..

In my daily routines here like going to work, visiting our malls I’ve seen almost no change. Life just continues on not really much different than in the states. Lately I’ve heard that people are tightening their belts and preparing as things begin to get tougher. But it’s justifiable considering what’s going on. What Western Media doesn’t understand is Russia isn’t America. Russia has experienced similar conditions in it’s past during the 1990’s and evening through the beginning of the 21st century.This alone would tell a person things in Russia just aren’t the same. In this video clip it’s spoken that this is the Russian economy, yes things are changing but do any of these people look all that concerned?


America had it’s tyrant

If we consider the roots of American economics which can be traced back to just after it’s independence from England the conditions are not to dissimilar. America had it’s tyrant “King George”, today Russia is facing a whole new type of tyranny. Before the colonies called for independence the English government decided the colonies were not capable of self rule and began to impose unreasonable taxes and levies upon it’s citizens. So where’s the difference? During the formation of the fledgling American government it suffered heavy debt and mismanagement just look at it’s history.


Are Sovereign nations not allowed to self rule?

What’s different today? Isn’t today’s Russian government suffering some of the same things? Doesn’t it deserve to be a self governing country? Are Sovereign nations not allowed to self rule? What country would not suffer from the imposed sanctions considering the reasons for them have not be substantiated by any formal body? What so different from this and the Boston Tea Party? Even if there is some guilt, does the punishment fit the crime? The American government and the European Union sanctions don’t just affect the Russian government. It affects an entire nation of people, it affects all of Europe, Central Asia, India, the middle east, and China as well.


The World has Come to an End.

I would contend that given the same circumstances Americans would react much differently. Here in Russia the rubles value has been cut in half this alone is unsettling. If this same thing occurred in the States I’m convinced that the entire population would panic thinking the world has come to an end. The very thing they are expecting to happen here would no doubt be happening there.


True World Peace

So is there an answer to all of this? I honestly don’t know. I do know this, governments come and go, and the people suffer. Ideologies come and go and the people suffer, no one is immune! But there is “One” if we serve him and allow him to rule and rein in our lives we will be at peace. This is what’s truly important!


5 thoughts on “So are Russians Worried? Let’s See!

  1. Mother Russia will be the world’s superpower in 2020. My 2015 prediction of Puttin move on point an Obama stole my ideas for Africa. NSA will be all over this blog post. They did foul shit to me. So watch out for NSA

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