Obama – “Russia makes Nothing” – Wrong! Check this Out.


Let’s Start with This

Interesting, this new Russian car will cost around 1.3 million Euros, which is a major chunk of change considering that translates into around $2 million American dollars. The car will probably be produced at the rate of two or three per year in Germany by the Russian creators. Interesting how a Russian company can make a profit by building only a few cars a years that sell for $2 million dollars as GM and Chrysler struggle with selling hundreds of thousands of cars at probably less than their actual cost of doing business. Strange economic world isn’t it? Well if we consider ObamaCare maybe not. See more here.

russian suv

Or How about This?

The latest in the family of armored roadsters is the Russian-made Dartz Kombat T98 luxury SUV. The Hummer lookalike is resistant to AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, and features heavy steel plated doors and 7cm thick windows. The beast is powered by an 8.1 liter Vortec V8 and is capable of doing 180 km/h. Prince Albert of Monaco was seen checking out the grenade-proof vehicle at the recent Top Marques Monaco auto show. For those uber-rich who have remained undeterred by the recession, the Dartz Kombat T98 luxury SUV comes for a mere €150,000 (approx. US $200,000). See more here.


Then there’s always Russia’s Electric Car

(runs on Natural gas too.)

Yo-Auto, a Russian company that is responsible for the Yo-Mobile Hybrid Electric Car. Already this vehicle has become a symbol for drivers with an ecological conscience, as well as having an appetite for something chic. Besides making use of electricity to propel it, the car’s combustion engine uses natural gas, a resource Russia has in abundance. Now, the company has revealed its second natural gas hybrid in the guise of a compact SUV completed with human accommodations the like f which the Lada Niva only dreams of.

russian made motorcycle

 It may be Ugly by You will want One

Russian made Motorcycle

Packs in the Trunk of your Car

Who doesn’t want a motorcycle that you can ride absolutely everywhere you want to go, that you can carry, that you can disassemble in 15 minutes and pack in your car trunk. I forgot. It floats, too. This Russian motorcycle is extraordinary, does much more than the American made Rokon. It’s called the Tarus, weighting only 110 lbs, equipped with a 2-stroke engine for a maximum speed of 40 mph. What you are going to watch is the prototype before production. But supposedly you can buy the blue prints for the equivalent of $37.00 (not a typo) Do you want one? I do, for example to play in the Black Hills during Sturgis Bike Week.


Russian Built Helicopters

Russia is a leader in medium to heavy helicopters. The MI8 workhorse is sweeping the board in this sector. Even NATO in Afghanistan uses it. You could say that the MI8 is the Dakota or Hercules of helicopters. In heavy lift helicopters there is no helicopter in the world that compares to the MI26, though I am not sure whether it is still actually in production. However I understand that there are on going talks with China to develop a new heavy lift helicopter based on it.


Russian Built – Sukhoi Superjet 100

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional airliner is the first major Russian civilian aircraft whose development was started after 1991. The plane, which first flew in 2008, has been described as the most important and successful civil aircraft program of the Russian aerospace industry.[12] Designed by the United Aircraft Corporation subsidiary Sukhoi in cooperation with foreign partners, all versions of the plane are assembled by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO) in the Russian Far East, while Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association (NAPO) focuses on component production. The two companies have been heavily investing in upgrading of their facilities, and are expected to produce 70 airframes by 2012.[12]



Russian Built Big Rigs – KAMAZ

Russian built Commercial vehicles, the like the KAMAZ series has become a major international success story. Generally Russian trucks have a good reputation for toughness and reliability. Knowning this Diamler Trucks recently signed a contract with Kamaz. They have also been producing them in India and looking to expand into Myanmar and Bangladesh markets.


Russian Made Polymer and Thermoplastic Products

Russia’s Chemical sector is growing tremendously especially in our area. I know many people who work in this field, Russia is also a strong player especially in such fields as synthetic rubber as well. The fact that Russia is such a major player in missile technology is to a great extent a function of the effectiveness of its chemical industry.

 Russian Smart Phone

Lastly here’s something from the electronics sector – A Russian SmartPhone – After doing a bit of research on this one it’s easy to realize just how hard it is to break into this market. It was only with Herculean effort that this small company has been able to produce such a unique and innovative phone into the market place. Yota won the Best of CES Award in 2013 at the Las Vegas electronics Convention for its YotaPhone, the first dual-screen phone with a full-color liquid crystal display (LCD) on one side and an electronic paper display (EPD) on the other. Unlike other smartphones this one has a battery life of approximately 48 hours and reading time of up to 100 hours. It only sold 50,000 units in 2013, think it’s only a matter of time before it takes off. For more info on this phone read more here.






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