Oh, “Crap” my hand is stuck.


First thought’s were this is “Fake”

I’ve got to admit when I first watched this video I thought it was fake, but looking at this guy’s face told me different. My Russian isn’t all that good yet, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see he’s in a bit of pain. The other guy wants to hit this thing with a bar that has a nail protruding from it, interesting?  On the fish’s head! It takes a while but they finally get this little beast to relinquish it’s grip. My question is this, what in the heck was this guy thinking when he stuck his hand inside this net? Couldn’t he see that maybe there was something fishy in there and use a little caution? Oops, Russians don’t worry about getting their arms bit off, especially by some little bugger like this.


Caution: Look where you stick your hands

Caution: The following video show Russian man in extreme pain from sticking his hand into tiny fish’s mouth.


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