“Шаман” or in English “Shaman” – A New Driving Experience


“Shaman” a Vehicle Endowed with Special Abilities

Shaman – according to religious beliefs, a man endowed with special abilities. The sanctity of the world, the experience of other shamans gives strength, and being elected .. shaman enters in accordance with their new knowledge of life, he brings this knowledge to the human world, bringing new knowledge, meets the needs of the community(Wikipedia). This is the “Shaman” built to deliver an amazing driving experience over all kinds of terrain.



A New Road Life

No Matter Where You are Going

In ancient times the word “Shaman” has associated with something mysterious, unknown and mysterious. Today “Shamans” are designed to protect people from all kinds adversities like mud, snow, water, and unassailable terrain,  they have become agents of a new road life no matter where you are going. . The “Shaman” runs on low-pressure tires designed specifically to help people reach area that were once inaccessible. This vehicle is a sportsman’s dream come true.

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The Shaman can easily accommodate 10 people

This beautiful new Russian SUV was produced by a small group of developers called Avtoros, but almost immediately after its premiere at a Russian auto show, it has received more than 80 orders! The main customers of such a massive SUV are geologists who want to be able reach those far and out of the way places. The “Shaman” can easily accommodate 10 people, with its price starting around 125,000 euros.

And I forgot to mention it also has a small outboard engine for moving on water. It floats as well!

Visit: http://avtoros.info/


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