Was Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma Russian? NOT!


She isn’t Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, we even have our own version in Russia, see here. Here’s a story about an elderly Russian woman and her experience with the big bad wolf. This tough old bird took on a wolf and won.

DeadWolfAishat Maksudova is a Russian granny who, stood down a wolf  after it attacked her and her livestock. She took matters (technically an axe) into her own hands and chopped it in the head. She really didn’t want to chop it in the head, what she really wanted was to choke it to death. The problem was she couldn’t because one of her hands was in the wolf’s mouth. There is no doubt she will be telling her grand kids about the time she nearly yanked the tongue of the wolf out before killing it. After the incident she was rushed to a nearby hospital were she told a reporter.

Speaking from hospital with her hand bandaged, Mrs Maksudova said she was ‘not even frightened’ during the wolf attack.

Damn, that’s one tough old bird there. Taking on a wolf all by her lonesome, no help. Crap thinking about it this Grandma has grandsons, I’d bet they are just as hard and rough as she (maybe tougher) maybe choosing a fight with them ain’t such a good idea.


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