Merry Christmas from “Life in Russia”


Merry Christmas

Traditional Christmas isn’t actually celebrated on the 25th of December in Russia. Here the Russian Orthodox Church follows the old “Julian” calendar, this means Christmas falls on January 7th. What is wonderful about the celebration here is that they practice what is called “Advent”, which starts four Sundays before Christmas. If you are familiar with Advent, it’s the time period from December 1st until Christmas day. The actual meaning is ‘coming’ in Latin. It’s a time spent remembering the reason why Christmas is celebrated in the first place (love it).


And a Happy New Year

But not everyone in Russia is Orthodox some of us are Catholic others are Protestant and in all of that mix falls our church. We chose to celebrate the birth of Christ on the 25th of December. After hearing the stories of how Christmas was suppressed for nearly 70 years by the Soviet Union Leadership it’s understandable why they did so. Christmas officially is celebrated starting on December 31st until January 10th.

In Russian Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘s rah-zh-dee-st-VOHM’ (C рождеством!) or ‘s-schah-st-lee-vah-vah rah-zh dee-st-vah’ (Счастливого рождества!). So if you have any Russian friends I’m sure they love to hear you say it (don’t worry about your American accent).


Merry Christmas everyone

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18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from “Life in Russia”

  1. We have Advent in my Episcopal church in the US and then Epiphany 7 days or so after Christmas. But in my country there is still a tendency to frenzy toward the big build up of Dec. 25, then a few days of quiet limbo til the New Year. I like the idea of spreading the celebration out over several days. Thank you for following “Anything is Possible!” I look forward to exploring “Life in Russia.”

    1. JoAnne,

      I’m actually from the States, been in Russia for the last several years. It’s become my home. I remember very well the frenzy of Christmas time. Look forward to learning more about “Anything is Possible” have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  2. Greetings and Happy Christmas from Perm! I’m new to the blog, and I look forward to taking part in the discussion! I’m an American who’s been living here several years.. I teach English at the local PolyTechnical University, and I also have a Blues band.. Happy 2016!

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