Inspiring Blogger Award (redux ;)

My name is Steve and I have wanderlust. I first understood I was a travel junkie when I connected with Healing Pilgrim. I got one of my fixes when I first found her and read one of her posts. When I read about her not so little tale about herself I was hooked. All of us former travel junkies have our stories, but hers grabbed my heart. Then I read about her pilgrimage on the Camino Santiago and understood that true healing comes from walking out our life time desires. If I said any more I’d destroy her unique story, so start here and indulge yourself into her world.

Healing Pilgrim

I just found out that my fellow blogger and Russophile Steve Hague – of Life in Russia renown – has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

First off, let me say that as much as I was bowled over by the Russia (and Siberia) that I discovered during my travels back in 2008, I have no doubt that with Steve’s expansive knowledge and interest in history; his passion for all things Russian, and the various tipoffs to fascinating sites and cities, I await my return to that motherland because then, I will carry an adhoc, copy-and-pasted Hague Guidebook in hand 😉

As for the award: Well, (awwww) I’m tickled pink, blue,  purple and green! There are oodles and oodles of more inspiring stories, writers and photographers out there, and bloggers from whom I’ve picked up a vast array of tips, information, suggestions, and amazing insights. I can’t imagine…

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award (redux ;)

  1. Hi Steve, Ahh yes.. Travel Junkies ‘R Us 😉 There are untapped and unique journeys inside each of us… and points of intersection, T-junctions, and serendipitous encounters everywhere – if we just pay attention. I’m blessed that our virtual-paths have crossed, and hope we meet someday in person.. perhaps on the Sayan (Mountain) Ridge – Russia’s or Bali’s 😉

    1. Your wish is my command. It would be such a great pleasure to sit with you and share our journeys with each other. Let it be Bali and drink, one of the healing type.

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