Russian Anecdotes

Stages of growing a beard:


1. Sexy.


2. Have been binge drinking for a week.


3. Sea captain.


4. Prisoner of war.


5. Priest.


6. Homeless.


7. Wizard.


3 thoughts on “Russian Anecdotes

  1. Love this Steve! I see you’re not at the wizard or homeless stage yet… what stage do you count yourself in? Like any real Russian man, you’re going for Sexy, right? Go for it… just don’t wake up in the binge stage!

    Happy holidays to you and yours. C Novym Godom!

    1. At my age I’ll take any of them except binge stage. Maybe sexy if I was younger, sea captain doesn’t fit Maybe priest if I wasn’t such a sinner, I was Prisoner of war in my first marriage, and homeless only if I don’t get my permanent visa.

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