I am touched

One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know some of the wonderful bloggers that I’ve meet. When I happened upon Maverickbird’s blog I knew I had found a kindred spirit. I’ve been so entranced with how she weaves her stories along with the pictures she shares. She has shared several of her stories here on “Life in Russia” and I know my readers love her work as well. Her statement about myself in which she states: “in spite of being an American by birth” really had me chuckling. I guess it’s true, I”m American by birth. I’ve started sharing with others that my head is American, but my heart is Russian. I’d like to even change that say I’m a global citizen. But enough of that enjoy her response and acceptance I really did.


Recently “Life in Russia”  blogger, friend and co Russia lover, Steve Hague nominated Maverickbird for – Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I must say that I am deeply touched by this nomination. It of course feels good to be appreciated and encouraged thus and coming from Steve, it had been an honour. A clear thinker, expressive writer and an open minded friendly life coach, Steve, in spite of being an American by birth, has an eye for most exquisite and interesting nuances of Russia and his life there. His blog is full of many such interesting jewel of stories, myth busting facts and he loves exploring (sharing) some of Russia’s most beautiful and intrepid spots with his readers. To read more about his Russia love notes, follow Steve at  www.hague6185.wordpress.com

So a big hug and thank you for Steve for this wonderful nomination and here’s


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2 thoughts on “I am touched

  1. It has been a constant work in progress with my site. I drove into the deep and then I am learning how to swim. I’ve pretty much have done this all my life. Pleeeeeeeese be patient with me. I am the nail that hasn’t a hammer that works

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