A Few more Fun Facts about Russia

moscow traffic
1: Despite having the best subway system in the world, there are millions of Muscovite’s who refuse to ever take it, and spend half their lives stuck in traffic.
2: A Russian will use the slightest reason to bring everyone gifts of chocolate. “It’s your birthday in four and a half months? Wow! Chocolate for the entire office!”
3: On New Year’s, don’t surprised if you are invited out at 11:30 pm, drink champagne and cognac until 6 am, eat herring under a fur coat and olivia salad in a kitchen, and then party in a flat for three more days.
4: The only alcohol-free zones in Russia are McDonald’s.
5: Smiling for no reason makes Russians angry.
6: Borscht, cabbage rolls and pirogies are actually Ukrainian.
elderly in russia
7: Russians don’t send their elderly to nursing homes or make their children leave after 18; instead they all live together in the same 1-bedroom flat.
8: Despite the small roads and the frustrating traffic jams, Russians still buy giant SUVs.
9: Sushi is more popular in Russia than in Japan. Interesting article on this here.
10: In fact, Japan is more popular in Russia than in Japan. Or is it the other way around?
11: Russians are extremely friendly if they’ve known you for more than ten minutes. If you’ve known a Russian for at least a week, you will be invited to meet their family. At home, on the train. It just doesn’t matter.
12: Russians are also extremely emotional and passionate, and although they don’t show emotion in public, they cry and laugh and shout and play more than Italians.
13: Russians care more about the philosophical side of living than the material, and have a folk song for every situation.
14: Most Russians are very superstitious, and new-age superstitions are en vogue.
15: Russians love McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Burger King more than Americans.
16: Just some things that Russians excel at, Dash-cams, Ballet, Vodka, and much more.
17: Russians cannot do anything that requires putting a car in reverse. It can take the average Russian driver ten minutes to parallel park (I’ve seen it countless times). The police, well that’s another matter.
18: Winters in Russia are actually quite beautiful, and Russians are fantastic winter drivers.
19: Russians are actually freer than westerners; there are less laws and social constraints, and yet the crime rate is lower than in the US or UK.

13 thoughts on “A Few more Fun Facts about Russia

      1. No need for apologies. I quite agree with you. It’s now quite hard to keep track of comments now. I keep coming upon the original format, but am not sure how I get there – I think it may be on the new stats page with I also dislike.

  1. Fantastic post. Now i know more about Russia through an insider. Loved all 19 of them but facts number 2, 7, 11, 13, 17 were so interesting to me. Its so much fun to read your informative posts about Russia.

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