I found where Sarah Palin stood to see Russia.


Cape Fligely, Russia

Did you know that Cape Fligely, Franz Josef Land, of Russia is the most Northerly part of the country? This is only about a little over 500 miles south of the north pole. Don’t worry no Russians live there only walruses and whales. During the Cold War this was the closest Russia got the Continental U.S., interesting! The Russians had a base there up until the end of the 1980’s.  I think they closed the base because the tires on the planes got stuck to the tarmac.


Mount Bazardyuzyu, Dagestan

How about the most southern point of Russia? Well it happens to be Mount Bazardyuzyu, in the Republic of Dagestan. Dropping off the other side of this mountain puts you in Azerbaijan. I think it’s a little warmer there, thank God. So the distance from Cape Fligely to Mount Bazardyuzyu? It’s approximately 2,800 miles. So let’s say you start your trip from San Francisco to New York you would have to stop about a 100 miles shy of that and there you have it. To put that into perspective you would have to tilt the United States on it’s side and it’s toes would just be sticking out the other end, get it?

Little and Big Diomede Islands

Big Diomede Island

Then how about going to the furthermost point east? You would find yourself on  Big Diomede Island and only a distance of approximately 2.4 miles apart from Little Diomede Island, U.S.A.. I’ve read that a few crazy people have tried to swim the distance between these two islands. I guess if you really want to escape there is a way. I think this is where Sara Palin stood when she said she could see Russia. Did you know that the entire landmass of South America is roughly equal to the size of Russia? Russia has 17,075,400 square kilometers and South America has an area of 17,840,000 square kilometers. “Okay,” there’s a little wiggle room but not much. I think the taiga has the rainforest beat in size. Nobody’s burning it down as far as I know.

Vistula Spit

Vistula Spit

If by chance you to wanted to visit the most westerly point of Russia you would find yourself standing on the Vistula Spit, in the Kaliningrad Oblast.  The distance between Big Diomede Island and the Vistula Spit is roughly equivalent to the distance from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Nome, Alaska. I think that is nearly  9/10s away around the world at the latitude. Anyway, thought it would be fun to explore a few of the interesting facts about Russia.

5 thoughts on “I found where Sarah Palin stood to see Russia.

  1. I saw on a cable show that several people have walked across the ice from Little Diomede to Russia just to say they did it, but the Russians keep a good eye on that sort of thing and tend to punish the adventurers. To what extent, they didn’t say.

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