Youngest Waterfall on the Planet – Altay Republic


This is the Uchar waterfall which is 160 metres high in the Altay Republic (Ulagan District), it was discovered in 1970’s. Scientists claim that the waterfall is only 200 years old. Huge pieces of black rocks, split into pieces by a strong earthquake are bigger than than the tallest pine-trees growing in the area. People look small like insects in comparison to this landscape. The hike to Uchar Falls  is quite difficult which require crossing rushing mountain streams, it’s not recommended crossing them without safety lines. The representatives of local fauna will become like the plague as well. Feather-tailed three-toed jerboas, or emuranki, beasts anywhere from ground squirrel to jerboa, aren’t afraid of people, they wind up stealing and eating tourist’s food if they aren’t watching.


Getting around: You should reach the city of Biysk (by car or by train ) and from there, by car follow to Artybash settlement. Take into account, that the way disappears in a few kilometres from the point of destination. Further take a boat and cross Teletskoye Lake . From there – on foot. There is another way from Gornoaltaysk: you go to Yaylyu settlement of the territory of Altay Nature Reserve. From there you take a guide (it is obligatory) and walk to the place. For more information see here.


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