Massive Flash of Light over the Urals


The Night Sky lights up over the Urals

Many were stunned several nights ago when the night sky lit up over the Urals again. The event was seen by many residents of the area of which many commented on after one resident uploaded the event on YouTube. Was this a repeat event which took place when the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite hit the region? A massive fireball explosion in February 2013 injured over a thousand people with shattered glass mostly, and damaged many residential and industrial buildings.

Theories for the explosion included a missile or an object from space. Yet it did not have the same shape or pattern as the Chelyabinsk meteorite which exploded over the Urals in February 2013.

sverdlovsk2Viktor Grokhovsky a member of the meteorites committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences told “it looks like a falling bolide, which invaded us. Because of the low cloud cover it ceased to exist above the clouds and lit up the whole sky,”

While another astronomer, Vadim Krushinsky, doubted his colleague’s theory, saying the color of the flash does not support the asteroid speculation. The shade of light depends on the body’s temperature, and flashes caused by bolides are usually whiter, he explained to The observatory engineer suggested his own theory, saying a space rocket launch might have been the cause.

DashCam Catches Event

The driver who filmed the massive flash with his dashcam, posted the video on YouTube, many people commented they’ve had seen it too. Teenagers in the town of Rezh also filmed the phenomenon with a mobile phone.

Teenagers Catch Event in Rezh

Another possibility is that Russian Federal Space Agency performed a launch that evening.
The normal path of launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome lies north of the area, Krushinsky said. But, according to Russian Federal Space Agency’s website, the latest launch from the Plesetsk cosmodrome occurred on October 29, with the next one planned for November 24.

According to, the emergency officials suggested the military were behind the flash, as they might have had a scheduled explosive ordnance disposal procedure. The city administration has also said such ammunition disposal might have taken place, while the military themselves denied they were behind the mystery.

So the mystery remains, what caused this unusual event to occur? Was it an metorite bolide? The Russian Space Agency, or was it a military exercise? Who knows, maybe with further investigation it will be understood what happened. Otherwise….unexplained!

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      1. No way, that is amazing. Yes Kazan is a incredible city. You must promise me if you are ever in Kazan again to let me know. Personally I thought Suzdal was incredible, it was the first time I’d ever been inside a Orthodox Church. I was simply astonished not only of it’s beauty, but also of it’s dimension and ethereal feel. One day I’d like to return and explore more.

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