Irish and Udmurts Share “Redheadedness”

This is a post that I had to do a lot of research on, it took several months to find what I was looking for, it seemed every time I turned around I’d find something new and intriguing. It honestly got to a point of not knowing when to stop. I really believe this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I also wanted to thank Eddie for being so patient while I put this piece together. Like he said we started blogging about the same time. Like many of his posts I’d explore all the little details wanting to know just how some of these things came to be. Here in this post exposes just a little bit of just that. Thanks again Eddie for the opportunity.

Ed Mooney Photography

Today is a first for this blog, So I am delighted to introduce you to my first ever guest blogger; Steve Hague from Life in Russia. Steve is a keen Traveller, Photographer, Business Coach and Writer. We have known each other from the early days when we both begun blogging and have been following each other ever since. After moving to Russia to be with his wife and family a couple of years ago, Steve embarked on a new adventure and begun learning a new language and exploring the depths of the Russian culture.  Some time ago I wrote a two part article on the Heritage and history of my town, for Steve’s blog which you can read HERE and HERE. So now it is Steve’s turn, I have to admit, I was delighted to read this interesting and well researched article, as both my wife and daughter are…

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