Russian “Marmalade”


Another funny story about traveling in Russia

Jet lagged but happy, I was having breakfast with my friends in their small apartment kitchen. They had laid out out a feast: cheese, yogurt, fruit, dark bread, and orange marmalade. Or what I thought was orange marmalade.

I slathered my buttered bread with the stuff and took a huge bite. My friends watched in hopeful anticipation, but the look on my face must have been horrified, even though I politely tried to choke down my mouthful of food.

“Russian caviar! It’s good, yes?”

I nodded and appreciated that they were sharing with me one of their delicacies. But I hate fish!


5 thoughts on “Russian “Marmalade”

  1. Horrid! Mainly because it would have been a completely unexpected taste! I remember a similar experience as a teenager in Paris eating what I thought was a grape with some salad only to discover it was an olive! I still can’t eat olives to this day.

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