How to say “How Much” in Russian


A Funny story about traveling to Russia

According to my family, my story is more scary than funny. Sure, I was scared then, but now I think it’s a riot!

One moment I was in Red Square, the next moment I was in the back of a van, a guy in uniform screaming at me in Russian. He had my passport, which I had relinquished in fear.

My mind raced. Had my group noticed I was missing? Would my family miss me? Did they still have gulags in Russia? How long would I last doing hard labor in Siberia?

Finally, after groping for words, any words, I squeaked out, “Skolko?” This means “how much?”

The Russian official stopped screaming and said in perfect English, “Seventy-five U.S. dollars.”

Lessons Learned

  • Learn a little Russian language. You never know when you will need it!



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