Experience Extreme Sports in Russia


Base Jumping

If you love extreme sports Russia has become extremist mecca with something to offer every sportsman. If you are ready for a high speed adventure filled with endless opportunities this is the place for it. It where you can discover multiple cultures, exploring untamed wildernesses and indulging in a wonderful array of Russian adventure sports. Russia has something to offer everyone from one end the country to the other. Here you will find a list of some of the many different adventure sports you might enjoy during your stay in Russia

Hunting an Fishing

You can expect to see many different kinds of animals while hunting in the taiga of Eastern Russia or any of the forest of Western Russia. Some of the many wild species you will see are boar, moose, red deer, wolves, brown bears, lynx, foxes, black cocks, wild ducks, goose and many others. Of the many different species you can hunt differ according to seasons. The best season for game is September to December, while for fowl it is mainly in spring time. Salmon fishing in the Far East of Russia can also be seasonal as well.

 Four Wheeling and Jeep Tours

– Russia has vast amounts of open space with many cultural and natural monuments that makes organizing a jeep tour very favorable. Jeep tours in Russia may either be extreme or comparatively easy without exhausting physical loads. For those people who favor off-road tours, adrenaline is often more important than comfort. There is a variety of Jeep Tours in Russia that are usually organized from the end of spring till the middle of fall – although there are usually special winter tours as well.

Ice and Cave Diving

– For many of us this is still an unfamiliar sport and pastime. However many inhabitants of the country and visitors to Russia say this is the most extreme yet beautiful sport they have ever experienced. You haven’t really done sub zero cool until you have done ice diving. Cave diving takes you into a whole different world for those who dare to explore this sport.

River Rafting

– Russia’s landmass stretches across two continents – from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean – an area that makes up an impressive one-sixth of the earth’s landmass. Although more than 40,000 rivers drain this huge area, due to perestroĭka and the collapse of the Iron Curtain, they have only recently become accessible to western white water river-rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. If you love white water Russia has some wildest rivers in the world.

Skiing and Snowboarding

– For many people the thought of Russia conjures up images of vast, snowy peaks and immense cold – and in the winter time that wouldn’t be far from the truth. However this is not a bad thing as the amazing snowfall in Russia also provides some spectacular sporting opportunities. Snowboarding is by far one of the most popular sports in the country – especially among younger adventurers.

– Skiing is a traditional winter sport enjoyed in many places throughout the world. However, not all skiing locations offer the highest peaks or the most exhilarating slopes. And yet others only offer snow during certain seasons because warmer weather means unsuitable snow or no snow at all. So where do you go to enjoy great snow and breathtaking peaks all year around? Russia has a lot to offer skiers in this regard.


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  1. Hello! I just came across a very interesting blog – one of an 80yr old Russian living in NY and it crossed my mind that it would be so interesting for the both of you to converse / blog (not sure what the right word is!) – what do you think? :))

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