Expat Living: What I Learned In Creating Our American Dacha

Dacha, Dacha, Dacha if you say it three times you will be taken away to a land that is truly stress free. Here’s that place. Aladdin never had it so good.

Life Lessons

Summertime… and the livin’ was easy…

Expat Living: Creating a "Dacha" style place for relaxation, resilience, and rest for American life. Deck remodeling project in VA USA
Can Americans Do “Dacha-time”?

Whew! Summer’s gone and folks are gearing up for the stresses of the coming holiday season. I’m busy catching up with all of you!

Early this summer I wrote a post about de-stressing and the culture of the “Dacha”.

We had just embarked on our “American Dacha” project,  our version of a place for easy living, a place where friends and family can enjoy time together, where we can ignore the troubles of the day- and just be…

Thinking back to how my friends in Baku went about creating their dacha, it struck me that even though the end goal is roughly the same, it is such a different process here.

People everywhere want to live stress free, if they can, but culture plays a big part in how we accomplish it.

Steve Hague (Archecotech) and I were commenting back and forth about how…

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2 thoughts on “Expat Living: What I Learned In Creating Our American Dacha

  1. What a nice surprise! Thank you for the reblog- it’s interesting to continue the intercultural comparisons. How does this process in Baku compare to building in and around Moscow?

    1. Well, actually I’m in Kazan, Russia. Here it’s a bit more like Baku in Azerbaijan. The region is rich in oil. Here Dacha’s are bit in different ways, but mostly of wood and are for summertime use only. But you are absolutely correct it really all about family and getting together.

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