Calcutta is me

When you long to travel, but don’t have the time remember that others have been there and can share thoughts, feelings, and love for these locations. Maverickbird has done this here on this post.


svetlana baghawan maverickbirdIt’s Mahalaya tomorrow and for me it’s a very special day. The biggest festival of Eastern India, Durga Puja is heralded by Mahalaya which precedes it by exactly 14 days and Calcutta gears up like an excited bride. By now it is quite understood that I hail from Calcutta and is a Bong (short form for Bengali/people from the state of Bengal). Bong girls are a popular cause of debate and excitement  throughout most of the male population of India and they are known to be opinionated, intelligent and passionate beauties (in other words hard to handle). Technically I am not a true blue Bong, rather a product of mixed racial union with a dash of Bengali blood. But having been born and brought up in Calcutta or Kolkata as it is now known, a lonely Mahalaya in Sri Lanka made me wistful.

I miss Calcutta today and all that it…

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