Vintage Russian Race Cars – GAZ-A Aero


GAZ-A Aero

In the post-revolutionary Russia there was no place avtomotosportu. The famous Russo-Balt S24/55 disappeared (the donkey in a private collection, was tragically killed in troubled years, went under the knife or the Bolsheviks as a relic of imperialism – an open question), and new sports cars do not fit into the five-year program. Anyway, by and large, was considered a bourgeois luxury avtomotosport, which has no place in the Soviet Union, which is not today – tomorrow will build communism, and each family will get a comfortable four-seater sedan and an apartment for two thousandth year. A two-seater sports coupe … that it use? In short, the Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” does not fit the domestic industry in the 1930s, which has been his motto – “more, more and more,” “Five-Year Plan in four years” and so on. The quality of interest is much less than the quantity.

Surprisingly, during these years and there was a unique car design engineer Alexei Nikitin Osipovich GAS-A-aerodynamic. But … first things first.

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