Why Sanctions don’t work against Russia.


Russians react to ban on Western Food

It’s believed that food sanctions will hurt Russians and the Russian economy, but when you listen to the public it seems to be a different story. Analysts also claim this will cause Russia’s inflation rate to soar, but no one is seeing it or feeling it. What seems to be happening is the public  is gaining a sense of pride in Russian products and will open new opportunities for other Eastern countries to do more business with Russia. What the sanctions are doing is polarizing the west from the east causing more undo tensions. Where the west sees the sanctions as a retaliatory measure over the conflict in Ukraine, President Putin believes the actions are to ensure the safety of Russia. After listening to the comments it is seen a majority of the public agree with him.


4 thoughts on “Why Sanctions don’t work against Russia.

    1. During the American revolution King George III wanted to exert his power and force his subjects to pay him homage. They refused. Why does Obama feel that he has the right to force his policies upon Russia? Or the rest of the world for that matter?

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