Mirror Reflections – Greenland & Russia

384864490_4e8b316ba7_zParadise in southern Greenland. Qinngua Valley between Tasermiut

Life in Greenland

Sarah started this blog in diary form in May 2012 to chronicle her first trip to Greenland in connection with her Master degree studies in the tourism field. The early posts tell of Sarah’s everyday life living with a host family in Nuuk, the capital city, plus a few special trips: 10 days in North Greenland and a week on the Arctic Umiaq Line coastal ferry, Sarfaq Ittuk.

Now, after Sarah has been to Greenland 6 times in 2 years, the blog has transformed into more of an inspirational/informational resource for travelers dreaming about or planning a trip to Greenland.

In her posts, Sarah includes links to external websites for further information about topics she addresses. She has a short series of “60-Second Evaluations” of some of the towns in Greenland (select the category called 60-Second Evaluation). She has a large photo gallery of beautiful landscapes as well as posted signs, restaurant menus, etc. from different towns in Greenland (select the category Traveler Resources). Most recently, she has made a few posts directly for an American audience (select the category Americans in Greenland)……………

Visit: http://2kalaallitnunaatigo.wordpress.com/about-this-blog/

ptyshskoe-gorge-greater-caucasus-mountains-dombay-russiaNorth Caucasus Mountains

Life in Russia

In the 10th century, Byzantine missionaries reached the Caucasus and built several Byzantine-style churches around Teberda river. Sentinsky temple, built in the year 967, represents the oldest christian church in Russia.

The details are scarce about the influence of Christianity in the region but Circassians are known to have converted to Christianity (after previously holding “Habze” beliefs). They remained Christian until the XVII century conversion to Islam under the Ottoman influence. Alans (proto-Ossetians) are also mentioned, but Ossetians shared pagan beliefs until teh XIX century conversion Orthodox Christianity under Russian occupation.

The date of Sentinsky’s construction is written on it in ancient Greek, as the Christian mission is believed to have been lead by Nicholas Mystikos, the greek Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Visit: http://thenorthcaucasus.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/sentinsky-temple-oldest-christian-church/

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