Russian Health Superstitions

So I went and found a blog on wordpress that talks about Russian Health Superstitions. The wet feet superstition I knew about. The frozen ovaries I had no clue. The plastic booties well any place I’ve been here that deals with healthcare enforces these rules. We even do it at our church. When it comes to milk I was a bit shocked. Didn’t know it was law, but in our home if you have a cold, sore throat, lots of mucous they drink it believing it reduces or cures it. I run into other superstitions occasionally as well. Will post when I find them.

Megan Case

Russians have a lot of superstitions, erm, ideas, about health. Most of them are like old wives’ tales or things your grandma might have told you. On the whole they can’t hurt, but I usually find them unnecessary, and find it really irritating when a Russian scolds me like a child for not observing them. I’m not the only one who feels this way — check out this episode of Everyone Drunk But Me.

Frozen Ovaries. Women are not supposed to sit on the bare ground or on concrete or a rock because it will freeze their ovaries. I think a variation of this belief concerns the kidneys.

Wet Feet. We had a major scandal at the kindergarten last spring when my English co-teacher and I took some of the kids out for a walk in a light rain. Some of the kids ran straight for the puddles and…

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3 thoughts on “Russian Health Superstitions

    1. Agreed. In Russian we say “Согласен” which means the same thing. Why they think this why is hard to understand. I’ve just learned not to argue the point. It seems that in many ways we are just the opposite, who would know?

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