Expat Living: Proven Tips For Creating The Life You’ll Love

This is a great post concerning becoming, living, and maximizing the experience of being an expat. Great read.

Life Lessons

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

But sometimes, a thousand words can save you a lot more in terms of time and frustration!

.Graphic showing how to pack for a trip abroad )How many oair of underwear specifically)

Thanks to many of our expat bloggers and readers, we’re going to share some real gems of advice on how to (and maybe more importantly, how NOT to) realize your dream to go abroad and become an expat.

We define being an expat as living and/or working in a place that is not your passport country, or what you would normally call home. (That last bit applies to some, like Americans who may technically still be in the United States but who find themselves in a “foreign” culture that causes similar issues as being “abroad”.)

So you want to be an Expat?

You’ve got the idea, now how to make it happen. Generally, it happens through work or your own “life-change” decision.

If your…

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5 thoughts on “Expat Living: Proven Tips For Creating The Life You’ll Love

  1. Thank you very much for the kind words, and the share wIth your readers.

    Interestingly, the chart graphic at the top of this piece was included because it reminded me of a “Life Lesson” from one of my trips up to Moscow from Baku – one which began (shockingly) with the discovery that I had left my underwear for the week long conference sitting on the bed. .. at home! “Buying Underwear on the Arbat” is a uniquely Moscow experience! …another post for another time! (We could notes compare notes and create a fun post!)

    Thanks again for the share!

      1. Wow, this could be very interesting. Since you mentioned the parks, Baku has some fascinating parks with great Soviet-era history. Other ideas? I especially like the thought of exploring how our perspective of America changed one we lived abroad (I stayed 10 years in Azerbaijan, and like you felt the responsibility of that “extended badge of Ambassadorship” but also opened my eyes to subtle but important discrepancies in the politics.

        Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! This should be interesting. ..

      2. Agreed, or in Russian “Согласен”, One of the things that I’ve found interesting is what happened during and after the “the fall and transition” from the USSR to being a republic. The reason I ask this is that the number of break away republics from Russia have a very fascinating story themselves. I’ve been reading that some would like to rejoin and become a part of Russia again, others tell a different story. Would you be willing to explore this with me and help unfold the story from there? In the telling much more can be explored revealing different layers exposing more to be talked about. What do you think? In the end run my thoughts are to show others the truth.

  2. Konyeshno! (Russian words look very odd transliterated into Latin alpha characters, don’t they?) I think this is a great idea and would like to develop this with you- could be quite an interesting look at this region. Since I was working in Exxon’s Russia group just before and in Azerbaijan full time right after the collapse, I would love to hear the same transition from another viewpoint. Count me in!

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