Across the Border in Belarus

I’m currently working on an article about Russian innovation and have been searching the internet for information. All of this led to finding the following pictures that I found quite comical to say the least. It seems that this is their answer to resolving back problems for the workers.


Funny or not, these guys in Belarus have modern agriculture techniques when it comes to “harvesting” cucumbers. If you have ever tried to do the job yourself then you most likely know that it causes back pain. I can’t imagine it being all that easy bending down or over, picking cucumbers, then getting up again, all day long. Can you? That’s why Belarus farmers invented the moving bed where ladies can get as many cucumbers as they can and forget an aching back.

It may not be the modern innovation you expected, but the ladies get the job done and they all seem to be pretty happy. I wonder how many will go to Belarus during the cucumber harvesting season for peek (or maybe pick).



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