An Interesting comparision – Obama vs Putin

I must admit I found this clip amusing. The comparisons are stark to say the least. I thought it would be fun to try to do a unbiased commentary on it (as much as possible).

Picture #1 @ .07 sec.

The first pictures of both Putin and Obama are priceless. Here’s Putin giving what I call the typical Russian look, no smile. Obama is giving a typical American smile, plastic. Given that they come from different cultures it’s understandable.

Picture #2 @ .14 sec.

Okay so Putin is a black belt, he’s a tough guy. Obama, well maybe the sprinklers came on. But then again….

Pictures #3, 4 @ .21 sec.

The way Putin drinks beer is the same way I drink beer. Obama, he’s been drinking to much wine or champagne. Good etiquette  though.

Well now every man I know likes fast cars, Putin included. Obama, come on now he’s got a kid in the car. The question is does he have his seat-belt on, and were his daughter’s booster seat?

Picture #5, 6 @ .28 sec.

Mr. Putin, is that a Muskie you are holding? Damn! Mr. Obama your are dressed right, maybe even fishing correctly, but I think those waders will do you more good in Washington D.C.

Saw my first Ice Hockey not to long ago, don’t get caught between the glass and another player Mr. Putin. Hey if I cut a fart Mr. Obama, I’d try to hide too.

Picture #6 @ .35 sec.

Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama, isn’t it interesting that some things never change?

Picture #7

I’m so glad. My mom was a good Christian lady too. Poor Barry, it’s a good thing your Grandparents raised you.

Picture #8 @ .49 sec.

This one is harder to understand. I’d never want to get divorced from a soften spoken woman, but if I was married to………………well I think you get the idea. It’s obvious who wears the pants in this family.

Picture #9, 10 @ .56 sec.

Putin knows how important it is to make eye contact. Hey which President was it that threw up on a Prime Minister of another country? Come on maybe he’s not feeling well.

Again Mr. Putin knows the importance of…………Dang wait a minute, I think Obama had fish and chips for lunch

Picture #11, @ 1.05 sec.

By the look in Putin’s eye I think he has a soft spot for the Emperor…………..Obama is to concerned he’s going to hit his head on the doorway.

Picture #12 @ 1.10 sec.

Oh, come on. Let’s get real here. Doesn’t this tell you who the real leader is………..the first one doesn’t need a leash, the other only gets pulled along. Who’s the man?

Picture #13 @ 1.17 sec.

It’s starting to get hard staying unbiased, Mr. Putin shirt on or off, your still the man. Obama, I’m beginning to think you ride the short bus.

Picture #14, 15 @ 1.24 sec.

Okay, okay Putin started a fire and Obama’s putting it out. What’s the big deal?

The real story behind this one is that Obama spent Christmas day playing in the waters of Hawaii, when Mr. Putin was at Church in Moscow. Hmmmm………..which one is the Christian?

Pictures #15, 16

Is anybody getting bored with my commentary? I am. It’s quite obvious who’s the man and who’s not.

I also agree, I convinced that Putin doesn’t have to worry. I think Barry is to busy smoking……….

Enjoy the rest of this clip. I did.




8 thoughts on “An Interesting comparision – Obama vs Putin

  1. Guess I’ll stick my neck out and say it’s not amusing to me. People are getting killed right now. Even if they weren’t, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Americans I know like to make fun of anyone in the public eye, as if each of us has it together so well. Can’t speak about the rest of humanity. Experience shows me running a country takes a set of skills those of us in the gallery can only pretend to imagine.
    Perhaps we could find better things to do. Help our leaders deal with the issues maybe by getting our own house in order?

    1. Sandra,

      On a lot of points I agree with you, but the president of the United States knows full well he was sticking his own neck out. I won’t debate with you that neither of us should be president. But a president should be aware that he’s been watched and evaluated for his competency at all times. It’s our responsibility as citizens to do so. Otherwise we are not a free country at all. The police in a democracy are the people, if they don’t do their job then we get individuals like Obama as president. A lot of people don’t like him, and there are those who think he’s a god. Good leaders have internal qualities that give them the ability to be resilient, Obama at least has this one. Other qualities I question, which is something everyone should do. His skills got him elected, after that they have done nothing but caused him problems.
      The very fabric of American society is being torn apart right now. Obama is just a reflection of this. So like yourself I stepped out a shared my true opinion. Isn’t it great we can have our opinions. Here in Russia that’s dangerous. So value the freedoms that you still have left. Soon enough they will be gone too.

      Nothing more than a concerned citizen.


      1. Hi Cinda,Your view and Sandra’s view and opinion are your own. If you agree with her or you agree with me isn’t the point. Personally I read press from many different sources, worldwide. That way I can get a world view and perspective. I believe in America, I believe in Americans, I believe in Democracy, and I believe in the right to free speech. I don’t believe that Americans should be forced in socialist type medicine. Now you don’t have a choice, you must do what the government tells you to do. Is that freedom? My point is to always get people thinking, I really don’t care if you don’t agree with me. It’s only my opinion, I hope you understand.

  2. Putin likes to be depicted as a macho man – and I think that is a dangerous thing in a global leader. Obama is a family man and a leader who tries to do what he thinks is right for his own nation and the rest of the world. We don’t hear enough about the good things that have occurred in his administration: the US economy has gone up, unemployment has gone down and we finally have universal healthcare in line with other industrial nations. He is a man who has nothing to prove.
    I’ve wondered if you are able to comment on the political situation in Russia. The Ukraine is in the headlines everyday here.

    1. Cinda,
      You are right, he does. I disagree on your second point, a global leader should show strength. Teddy Roosevelt was a leader, Ronald Reagan was a leader because they not only spoke, they backed up what they said. Do you remember the story about how we won our freedom from England? They won their freedom from a tyrant who was trying to dictate and tax them to death. Putin is protecting Russia’s interests, as Obama protecting America’s interests. Is one right, and the other wrong? The American economy didn’t go up because of Obama, the economy went up because Americans are hard workers and love their freedom. Russians do the same, maybe for a little bit different reasons.
      Personally I disagree with universal healthcare. Now it’s no different then Auto Insurance, everyone must have it (and it’s not free). My question is this, if everyone is forced to have this insurance, which is what it looks like. Is that freedom? In Russia, healthcare is free. It’s not the best system in the world but I’m very thankful that it was when I needed to have my operation. In the states it would have easily cost over $10,000, money that I just don’t have (wrote a post about it).

      The issue in Ukraine is different, Crimea came back by referendum which was the people’s choice. Eastern Ukraine would like to do the same which is partially why the fighting is going on. We know many people who are from there and have been expressing that most of the heavy weaponry isn’t in the hands of those who are fighting against Ukraine but the Ukrainians themselves. Remember this is all first hand information, not from the media. Plus it’s my understanding part of the reason all this fighting started is because the Ukrainian government wanted to force the entire population into speaking the Ukrainian language. Here we go with the tyranny thing again. People like their freedom, it doesn’t matter which country they come from.

      So my question back to you is, do you really think western media is unbiased? How about the Russian media, unbiased? How about your own opinion, unbiased? I tried to stay unbiased, but in the end Obama just doesn’t cut the mustard in my eyes. Does that make me wrong? Is it just my opinion? Do I have the right to my own opinion? When the American constitution was formed our forefathers understood one very important aspect about freedom. Discourse! I’m open for discussion just remember opinions are just that “opinions”. Not always the truth but looking for it. Those who allow others to have their own opinions are the true Americans. Those who want to force their opinion on others are tyrants.

      Thanks for reading and understanding.

      One final thought, where will the money come from to pay for universal healthcare?

  3. Like social security – that conservatives opposed in 1935, but no one turns from – health care comes from taxes (or private insurance). Who pays for Russia’s free health care? I know it was previously a socialist model. (But I had read the level of care depends upon your income i.e. those who can afford it have private insurance or leave the country for operations).
    Thanks for your paragraph on the Ukraine as we would not be likely to hear that pov. No I don’t think western media is unbiased but there are many sources to choose from. (I wasn’t sure if those view points were open to Russians.) One has to sift through the news as…
    “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just not their own facts.” 😉

    1. Thank you Cinda.
      We have access to all the same media that I had while in the states, plus more that I didn’t even know existed. Out of curiosity are you currently living in the States? I don’t remember if you shared that info. with me.

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