So why do I really blog?


Does this question ever post up in your mind? Have you ever doubted that what you were saying meant anything to anybody? Does your blog live because of the number of likes you get? Does it ever feel like an addiction? An addiction that is fed by stats and followers? I have! But something has been quietly happening that is very interesting. The less I’ve thought about these things and started to wonder if any of it mattered things began to change. Why continue if it’s not making a difference?

Then it hit me, I had my “Aha” moment. My blog isn’t about me, it’s not about what I’ve done, but what others have done. If I really want to give something then I really needed to hear what others were saying. What their needs were. What is that each of these very unique people want to share with the world? Who are they really! Is anybody listening to their story? I started looking at the faces of those I shared about and what did their expressions told me. “Hey” I’m here. Do you see me?

Then I think…………when was the last time I stopped and had a real good conversation with somebody? My experience in the hospital showed me the reality of my world. I watched how a Tatarian woman cared for her husband, how my wife took care of me, and I was truly thankful for family. As I see it we are all one big family……..when are we going to start listening to one another……..not chasing the all elusive dollar……….understanding the value of things other then what is temporal. And I paused.

The only way I was ever going to influence others, is I first listen to them, maybe they can influence me. What if I try to understand their needs. So I will leave you with a wonderful little video. Hey it might just change your life, like it did mine.


5 thoughts on “So why do I really blog?

  1. You know the old description of the life of a poet? It’s like throwing a rose petal into a canyon and waiting to hear an echo. Blogging can feel like that. Sometimes I think it is simply to improve my own power of perception and to make me more grateful…

  2. Wonderful reflection.
    I think having your own blog helps you to express yourself and therefore put yourself in some sort of discourse that will help you develop.
    Reading other blogs helps me to find information and discover art (in the broadest sense) that you won’t find in mainstream media and therefore you get another perspective of the world and insight into other parts that you don’t inhabit.

  3. I do hope that video is true, what a lovely story 🙂 For me, my blog is just getting a reaction to my art, and encouragement. It has been amazing and I have no regrets about it at all 🙂

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