Mirror Reflections – Togo & Russia

When I started this particular post I had the thought it would be interesting to talk about the open markets of different countries. But that changed! It’s more about everyday life, the headaches, pains, sufferings, and everything else. It’s about one man’s family journey in Africa and another gal’s fascinating story about being in Russia and the reasons behind it. As Mark puts it in his blog it’s about the quality of life not about it’s possessions.


Life in Togo

Africa Clockwise is the name of the epic journey stand-up comedian Mark Sampson and his family are undertaking around the circumference of the continent from 2013- 2015 in their Big Green Truck, running on cooking oil and solar power.

It’s also the title of his latest comedy show, which premiered at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2011, and has since played at the Liberty Theatre on the Square in Johannesburg and at the Masque Theatre in Cape Town in 2012 to rave reviews.

Sampson is on a mission to investigate whether Africa can show the world how to cope with climate change. With our ecological clock ticking, he is setting out to explore more than 40 countries, one year up the west coast and one year down the east.

Africa Clockwise is also a quest to discover whether it is possible for his kids to live happily without a TV or water on tap – like the majority of the continent’s children. A quest to investigate whether a future without fossil-fuelled luxuries may not be such a bad thing, helping us to focus on quality of life, not quantity of possessions.

The journey in the Big Green Truck is ‘clockwise’ – both as a direction, and as an awareness: time is crucial and we all need to wake up and take proactive steps to safeguard our future.

Our aim is to inspire people with positive stories to challenge images of the ‘overwhelming doom of global warming’ and ‘darkest Africa’, and to hold hands out across the continent, spreading a message of connection and support.

Visit: http://africaclockwise.wordpress.com/


Life in Russia

Why Russia?

Are you cringing? Russia for medical treatment, and such a devastating procedure? YES! Why?

Many reasons, first and foremost is that I have utter faith, confidence and assurance in Dr. Denis Fedorenko 6216731_orig and his skills to perform a stem cell transplant. Secondly is the cost, approximately $40,000-50,000 depending on hospitalization and need for transfusions or plasma. Third, Dr. Fedorenko will treat patients with my type of MS at my age, something very few, if any, will do in the U.S. I have been communicating with Amy Peterson of Round Rock, Texas. She was the first person in the U.S. to travel to Moscow for HSCT, and has done beautifully! Read about her story at http://amygoesninja.wordpress.com. She is an inspiration!

The following is information provided by George Goss, the guru of HSCT here in the United States. He is the “go to” man for questions, help, support and inspiration. He too went overseas for HSCT – to Germany which is considered the best of the best. Unfortunately, Germany will not treat my type of MS.

Visit: http://fromrussiawithlisa.wordpress.com/

Also visit:

2 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections – Togo & Russia

  1. So, I need help here, excuse my denseness. I like the premise of this post but not able to put the two together, see the bridge?
    And, love those photos of St. Petersburg.

    1. It started as post that was going to be oriented towards the open markets in both countries, but liked what the messages of both these bloggers. So I wasn’t trying that hard to bridge them. Just thought that the comedian and the doctor were both out to help others.

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